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    Flooded light + Deoxit = no problems

    I recently forgot to fully screw down a lens and as would be expected the light flooded. I got it to the surface, popped the battery and let it air dry for a week and wiped the surfaces with alcohol. This was a Mag shell with an XM-L + LFlex + 32650 and a piezo. After a recharge quick wipe...
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    Latest build

    I dived with my new canister this weekend and had a blast. The lake I live at is man-made 375 acre almost mud pit with visibility of 10 feet on a great day... it was only 3 feet this weekend, thermal at 23feet. The new build stats: mt-g2 from Cutter b2flex driver from taskled...
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    For those looking for sealed battery solutions

    This looks interesting
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    Delrin + GID

    What options are available for putting a GID layer on Delrin? Or are is there such a beast as GID Delrin Rod?
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    Cable glands

    I've been using nickel plated brass glands so far without a flex nut. While looking for flex nut options I'm finding either stainless steel or nylon; however,the nylon only comes with nylon glands. I'm wondering how may are using nylon glands vs the brass models, and if you use a flex but...
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    Anodizing done the Flashoholic way

    Late in the summer I started playing with Anodizing. My thought was to save money and machine my own parts vs buying a bunch of Maglites. A number of DIY sites provide various methods and details for the process and tools required. To power the process some people suggested computer power...
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    So I'm at a crossroads with deciding on my next build and could use so feedback. I've now got a couple XM-L's based on cut down Mags-D using ahorton's asphereics and taskled drivers, one with hallsw another with an apem peizo. These are good solid lights with nice throw for silty water. The...
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    canister wet connections

    Has anyone identified or implemented a cheap and reliable wet connection? seacon's wet-mates are a bit on the expensive side. Not sure if RCA jacks would be a good cheap hack so I'm looking for ideas. For that matter how about standard dean connectors....
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    Latest Builds

    My first mods where video lights from cut down Mag housings using TerraLux 300s and OMS canisters for battery storage. That was 5 years ago. There were several things I disliked about the Mags... most of all being the "fat heads"... and using pipe cutters and hand drills didn't make for fast...
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    Arch! Wrong chuck

    So while trying to be smart and save myself some time, I picked up a 4 inch 6 jaw chuck (self centering). This was an upgrade from my 4 inch 4jaw manual chuck. After letting it sit on the shelf for two months I finally mounted the chuck and spun it up..... Nice centering, but it cant handle...
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    Any selling Triple 18650 holders?

    Turboferret product would have worked well but he's out of business... Any other options?
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    Remounting work

    So, I'd like to cleanup the outside of my light, previous turns used varying tools has left me with 3 sections of very different finishes When put together they look much like a 2 d mag handle with one end plugged tight. I'll post a picture tomorrow, but think a bored out rod with one closed...
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    How do you get perfectly smooth external turns?

    Kinda like reaming on the inside? The Indexable tool I just got cuts through alum like butter, but it leaves trails no matter how faster if stock turns or how slow I move the carriage I can improve the look with steel wool but is there a better way?
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    Tool recommendations?

    So I'm had my fun making my own tools from HSS blanks and am ready to upgrade to indexables So far I've identified a need for: Right hand tuning/ facing Parting/ groove Boring Threading internal and external I'm working only with 6061alum and perhaps copper Looking at...
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    External Threads on a Lathe: Where did I go wrong?

    I've only had a mini lathe since XMas and still have to think through every step of threading carefully. Last night I made an error that I still don't understand. Task: thread 10mm of round of alumimum 6061 externally Lesser diameter = 44.5mm Greater Diameter >= 45.5mm Tools: Mini-Lathe...
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    O-Ring Primer

    So I came across this primer today and was impressed. I thought others might find it useful. At least now I know who to design a proper gland and size the O-Ring correctly. Plus they provide details on material properties vs PSI sealing... woohoo... Silicon O-rings here I come...
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    Difference in sealing designs

    So I'm tossing around designs and am wonder what the differences are between inny and outty type the seals, and if one really is better than the other or if it's just personal preference. Inny would be defined as the battery butt plug of a mag where we screw it in. (sick-o's) Outty would be...
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    Simple window lense

    Is anyone making replacement window lens for their flashlights? If I was to begin making my own, what material machines well and what are the best ways to buff them out and AR treat them?
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    Prototype video head using Cree XM-L

    I got my first metal lathe for Xmas and have been turning, facing, parting, and threading like a mad man, lots of mistakes but I still have all of my fingers. I was so proud of my first washer, I framed it :) This last week I spent a few hours and finally built something useful! Below are...
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    Setting up a hobby shop for tooling

    So which is the first item to get.. Lathe or Mill. I'm looking for suggestions of on mini models and links and why it's the better choice. I almost ordered the Mill today, but thinking about light construction a cheap drill press and a Lathe would do most of what I need. So suggest...