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    Special application lights

    I get a lot of questions for where to get a particular LED light for a particular application. Quite often I recommend a customized solution using COB modules. My interior light in my car wasn't bright enough for my liking. I knew a larger incandescent bulb would have probably melted the...
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    My "perfect" flashlight

    I actually bought the USB tailcap, but it's easier to just pop in a recharged battery.
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    My "perfect" flashlight

    I bought it about 8 years ago. All metal machined body, 4 levels of brightness from 1 lumen to 900 lumens. I used it for over a year before I needed to recharge the single 18650 cell. The only thing missing is a USB charging port. What was it? A Klarus ST 2C.
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    18650 Battery Selection for no name Headlamp

    Good quality is possible at a low price if you do a bit of homework. I researched some battery performance reviews for 18650 cells, and one brand came up consistently to perform as advertised. It was the PKCell brand. I searched AliExpress for this brand, filtering for free shipping and the...
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    In the WWII movie Fury, the scene where the German soldier searches under the tank with a flashlight is obviously using an LED light. Instead of a yellowish tungsten lamp, it's a bluish light. I considered it a significant continuity error in an otherwise authentic movie.
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    how do you test a flashing LED source?

    Oscilloscope kits are fairly cheap and available online. Some multimeters have an oscilloscope function as well.
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    What is the least important/most disliked feature for you in flashlights?

    I enjoy having plenty of special modes on my flashlights, but I always forget the special sequences of button pushes when it's time to use it. That's why I prefer the button on/off switch on the end cap. That way, there's never any confusion when I grab a light when I need it.
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    60 cm German searchlights WW2 - Carbon arc

    Tig welding electrodes may work to replace the carbon electrodes.
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    Nitecore Tube - USB charging issues?

    I'd leave them a factual online review of why you were unsatisfied. There are plenty of online vendors who don't pull stunts like this.
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    LED Household Bulb Longevity

    In 1992?
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    LED Household Bulb Longevity

    At least that's the story I was told.
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    LED Household Bulb Longevity

    Re: wow gold6 Yes, I bought some of those Polish light bulbs, and they far outlasted any other bulb I ever had. Too bad they were forced out of business by hostile takeovers.
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    LED Household Bulb Longevity

    Re: wow gold6 I suspect you have a vested interest in the lighting industry. A friend from Poland told me a little story: He was friends with the manager of a light-bulb factory, which produced excellent incandescent bulbs. After the fall of communism, an American consultant was brought in...
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    LED Household Bulb Longevity

    Re: wow gold6 Said the frog in the pot of water being brought to a boil, "Everything seems to be just fine." "A lie told often enough attains the status of a fact." -Vladimir Lenin.
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    LED Household Bulb Longevity

    Re: wow gold6 I think one of the greatest engineering challenges in recent years has been how to shorten the life of an LED emitter. Normally, they are expected to last for decades, but as a business model, longevity is a money-loser for a manufacturer. At the outset of a new technology, the...
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    Easy to Understand Lumens Vs Lux Explanation

    I prefer to think of a lumen as 3.8×10e15 photons/s (photons per second).
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    Most Powerful Quality Budget Light

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    2500 Lumens, what's the difference?

    I've seen flashlights for sale from China which claim to be rated at 18000 lumens, using 18 CREE XML T6 LEDs. This may be true, but the two 18650 batteries driving it are hopelessly inadequate for the task. By my calculations, it would need at least 54 amps to achieve the rated brightness, no...
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    Most Powerful Quality Budget Light

    I bought one (no-name equivalent) from China for $35. It claims to use 6 CREE XML T6 LEDs, which I didn't believe until I got rid of the crap Ultrafire 18650s, and got some quality batteries. Now it appears to emit 6000 lumens, as claimed.