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  1. baywatch106

    4 XRE / XML dive light ...

    what is the light head made of? any pics?
  2. baywatch106

    My canlight plus a minor mod

    nice, I have one of Hectors other can lights.
  3. baywatch106

    Dive switches

    How about some pictures the reed switch set up? I mean the whole setup. It seems that everyone has a different method to set up reed switch.
  4. baywatch106

    100 watt led dive light

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  5. baywatch106

    1200 lumen drop-in Beamshots

    ok, time for me to buy one.
  6. baywatch106

    1000+ lumen led light project - where to start?

    I thought that was the picture of the sst 50 dx light. 350 xfire has a post on the dx 5 led light.
  7. baywatch106

    Magicshine SST-50 dive light

    Somebody has lots of gear! I like the look of the DX light if that is the sst 50.
  8. baywatch106


    What do you guys do with your batteries for your dive lights when you have only used half of your packs up? ( ie.. cannister lights) Do you discharge the pack with some sort of losd or since the battery is made using lion is it not needed?
  9. baywatch106

    Magicshine SST-50 dive light

    i wasn't sure how it was an advertisment. It had a link to the light.What eles?
  10. baywatch106

    Cable Glands

    What US supplier do you buy them from?
  11. baywatch106

    ... DX [title edited by moderator]

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  12. baywatch106

    ... DX [title edited by moderator]

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  13. baywatch106

    I will call this one THE KLEMMINATOR 12LED

    Quite different .
  14. baywatch106

    Another Maglite Mod

    big pics please
  15. baywatch106

    MagLite Mod Finally Done

    nice setup with the clear can
  16. baywatch106

    Boro Glass Lenses are finally here!

    nice ! any idea on cost?
  17. baywatch106

    Canister 14,4V/10Ah DIY

    where did you get the ip68 switch?
  18. baywatch106

    Canister 14,4V/10Ah DIY

    what's that top screw looking thing for?
  19. baywatch106

    Canister 14,4V/10Ah DIY

    show more pics of the light head please.