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  1. ghostguy6

    Disaster Light for Emergency workers

    This would be my take on the situation as well. Nothing sucks like learning new equipment during an emergency. Especially if you have the muscle memory engraved in your brain. For your budget you could buy a lot a spare cells for the lights you have. Im actually surprised you don't already carry...
  2. ghostguy6

    Olight Hacked

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this or not so Mods please move it if this is the wrong place. I just thought I would let everyone know that the Olight sites have been hacked by a scammer attempting to get your credit card info. It has been confirmed that Olight Canada's facebook...
  3. ghostguy6

    Olight Warrior Mini Stopped Working After Airplane Ride

    Only two thoughts come to mind, perhaps the presure effected the light somehow as you already suggested. Another thought is airport security may have done something to it if they checked it out?
  4. ghostguy6

    Think It's Covered?

    I've been running lithium in 2 of mine without any problems. The only reason the one in the photo above had duraleaks is because it was still on its original batteries.
  5. ghostguy6

    Think It's Covered?

    I was honest about what happened so the warranty rep got the full story. They know the plastic in this model is flawed so they had no problem exchanging it. They were probably happy to exchange it for a different model if it means I wont be replacing it every year. They only thing I dont like it...
  6. ghostguy6

    Think It's Covered?

    Well I went to pelican today and they admitted the photo-luminescent plastic is flawed so they offered to replace it. Because of the known flaw they allowed me to get a 3315 instead. Its not as bright or have multiple modes but at least the body should last this time.
  7. ghostguy6

    Think It's Covered?

    In all fairness I have a few of these lights and they all have cracking around the head. Its only the photo-luminescent versions though so it must be some sort of defect. Im sure most of my other lights would survive the fall no problem. I wish I could say "you should see the other guy" but it...
  8. ghostguy6

    Think It's Covered?

    It fell 3 stories onto the concrete sidewalk. I only found 2 out of 3 batteries. The driver and all circuitry was gone. Its like the battery springs shot it out somewhere. One of the Duraleaks had started to corrode so I wonder if the off gassing made the plastic more brittle. Pelican sure aint...
  9. ghostguy6

    Anyone Identify This 18650 Cell?

    That's disappointing. I was hoping they might at least be brand name cells re-wrapped. I guess Ill have to treat them like typical chinese crap and assume they are not protected. Thanks for the reply.
  10. ghostguy6

    Anyone Identify This 18650 Cell?

    Im hoping someone can give me some details on this cell. I was able to salvage 6 of them from my laptop today. The numbers dont really show anything useful on google. I'm thinking the capacity is 2000 mah. One site indicated a similar cell was protected but I'm not sure about these ones. The...
  11. ghostguy6

    Challenge Week #5: Do the Twist!!

    I guess Im out this week. All the twisty's I own are hybrids and don't qualify.:oops:
  12. ghostguy6


    Do not use Battlecord for rappelling. There is some sheath slippage when you apply fiction. In the photo I was lowering a 140# load off a 3rd story building using a munter hitch. You can see a noticeable bulging effect. If you were to use enough weight or a friction plate similar to an ATC it...
  13. ghostguy6


    You could try battle cord, its 5.6mm and rated to 2650 pounds There is also static rope in 3/16 and 1/4" sizes If your made of money you could also try Techcord...
  14. ghostguy6

    Underwriters Standard UL 1576 for flashlights and lanterns?

    If you go on the UL site there is an option to use the free viewer to read it. It does require you to sign up but you can give false info on the site but you do need to verify the email address. Basically it...
  15. ghostguy6

    Challenge Week #4: Brick & Mortar Store-Bought Flashlights ONLY!!

    What if you handled the light in store but opted to buy online because it was much cheaper? I generally buy all my lights that way because we get charged 2 -3 times more locally unless its a pelican light.
  16. ghostguy6

    Pelican M6 Xenon overhaul

    As far as I know there never has been a version of the M6 with a stock twisty switch. Although when the switches fail in the on position they did work as a twisty. The 1st generation switches with the red boots were clickies but were much crappier than the ones with the black boots. As far as I...
  17. ghostguy6

    Pelican M6 Xenon overhaul

    Buy an aftermarket switch kit, this is a must. The switches that come on the M6 are absolute garbage. Believe it or not you actually have the improved version. The original's had a red boot and were even more prone to failure. When I carried the M6 2330 as my duty light I went threw so many...
  18. ghostguy6

    Flashlight Storage: Opinions?

    Check out military ammo cans.
  19. ghostguy6

    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    It should be ok as long as you dont use it on silicone O rings. It seems to be one of the only products readily available in Canada for a decent price. $12 shipped for 4 oz on Amazon.The ford version of Nyogel sells for $42 here and its special order with a 6 to 8 week delivery time. No one...
  20. ghostguy6


    Pics or it didn't happen :p For those of you that have tried the battle cord what do you think of it? Ive got a mystery box of it coming ( if fedex ever gets their act together). All the other mystery boxes were sold out.