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  1. divine

    What is the longest you have carried the same EDC light?

    I've been belt carrying a Nichia RA Clicky since Illumn released them, that's gotta be 8 or 10 years. Still looks pretty new, I dropped it a couple of weeks ago and got the biggest ding so far. I've had a MJP I forget what it's called, maybe Extreme III AAA on my keys for 10+ years. The...
  2. divine

    has anyone had any experience with this?

    It's good that they accept paypal. Paypal doesn't give them any of your payment information and offers you some protection in case things go wrong. I would use paypal for my test order if you choose to take that route.
  3. divine

    What if I doubled or tripled the reflector size on my flashlight?

    DIWdiver, Thanks for the input. This thread was closing in on 10 years since the last post. Recent trends have made it more obvious what a larger reflector can do.
  4. divine

    Good lights in Japan

    I used to buy from them back in 2009 when Neutral was not so popular. They had special runs of Neutral RA Twisty's and Clicky's and Factory Neutral Fenix LD01's. I still have and use a Wolfeyes light with a Neutral MC-E. They are expensive, but they would/will carry things you can't get...
  5. divine

    Good lights in Japan

    One of my favorite dealers is in Japan! Too bad I can't find the English link! lol (I used to have it bookmarked.)
  6. divine

    Donations Needed for Christmas Gifts IX!

    This is a link to the 2010 thread. I think I can help out as needed! I sent a couple PM's.
  7. divine

    Donations Needed for Christmas Gifts IX!

    I will find a few things to give away!
  8. divine

    UI question for HDS users

    You can choose any of the four modes as your starting mode. I always program mine to come on to the low low level. I had a Novatac (with the same UI) for military use come as the maximum brightness was the turn on mode. To do it you have to go into programming and disable the force to a level...
  9. divine

    Help a noob out

    Carrot's guide is probably a good start, but maybe he translates too much into layman's terms and oversimplifies a bit too much. PWM, let's say you have a series of on off cycles. An easy way to get 10% output is to have a 10hz on off signal and one of those cycles will be on and 9 will be off...
  10. divine

    I remember... "the good old days" of CPF

    Wait a minute, the Nuwai Q3 isn't the latest, greatest light for modding?! I think I got robbed. :D
  11. divine

    $45,000 to be won-which flashlight would you use?

    In the town I grew up in the newspaper had games like this, but the clues were so odd that I would never be able to figure them out. It would be like, "A place with a weird car." or something.
  12. divine

    $45,000 to be won-which flashlight would you use?

    I would probably take my Nichia modded High CRI light and my lumens factory/AW soft start 6P in case I need a little more light. It's all about seeing, right? :)
  13. divine

    Must I wear gloves to use this light?

    Just make sure you use asbestos lined gloves to hold it. :devil:
  14. divine

    Its official. I'm a C2-HA addict..... *part 2*

    Was I the only one to get Unique Titanium's Titanium Bezels for their C2-HA?
  15. divine

    Powering an LED light with a potato?

    Re: Powering an LED light with a potatoe? You ever see the video about charging your iphone with oranges? It takes like 1000 oranges or something.
  16. divine

    Did the flashlight save his life?

    Did the guy hit a telephone pole near the end of the video?
  17. divine

    What brand lights are these Marine's using

    Someone has an amazing camera.
  18. divine

    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    Sorry, I didn't think to post a link! I wasn't watching this thread all day. :( If you look down your body, there is a section that is thinner about a half inch from the tailcap end of the body. There is some information on here about how people remove some metal from it to make the body wide...
  19. divine

    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    I just got rid of most of my E-Series lights, all of my incandescent ones... and an XP-G drop-in comes out for the E-Series. :(