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  1. AB8XL

    Spark SD Reflector

    HI All, I'm hoping someone may have a source for these reflectors or has some laying around they would part with, I'm in need of 6, seems to be a couple places in AU with stock but they don't ship to the US. HKequipment has no stock, their slow at updating their sites. Any help would be...
  2. AB8XL

    Anybody see any lights offering the Nichia NV4W144 series yet???

    I haven't seen any myself, LED info:
  3. AB8XL

    Where are the Nichia 219C flashlights?

    Hi All, If my memory is correct the new Nichia 219C was announced over a year ago and I'm still not seeing any offerings available, anyone else see any lights available yet? Thanks
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  5. AB8XL

    Foursevens Atom A0 light celebrating CandlePowerForum's 15 year anniversary LED Emitter Nichia 219B Voltage range 1.0V-1.5V AAA Battery ONLY Brightness Levels Low: 0.3 lumens, 120 hrs / High: 30 lumens, 1.5 hrs Wish it was Low: 30 lumens, / High: 80-100 lumens
  6. AB8XL

    Alpha-TAC’s ExtremeBeam Releases Its Strongest Light Yet Any thoughts on this light? I've never heard of Alpha-Tac Extremebeam lights being mentioned in the forums here.