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  1. Mark2

    Acebeam W50 LEP flashlight first view - New pics added!

    Re: Acebeam W50 LEP flashlight first view The effective origin of the light is not at the LED/LEP with non-isotropic light sources such as the flashlights discussed in this thread, but at a virtual position behind the actual light source on the beam axis, with the distance depending on the...
  2. Mark2

    Acebeam TK16 question about UI

    It simply means "stop pressing the button when the cycle is at the desired level".
  3. Mark2

    Acebeam durability

    Never had a problem with an Acebeam light so far.
  4. Mark2

    Surefire Stiletto Pro

    That's how they roll. Announcing all kinds of exciting stuff at Shot that either never materialises at all or *much* later and often significantly different from what they announced. It's usually the "boring" stuff that actually makes it to market, so there is hope for the Stiletto Pro. It's...
  5. Mark2

    Surefire Fury 2018 dual fuel 18650/Cr123

    My new (second) Fury DF just died after a couple of days. Has never been turned on for more than 10-20 seconds. When turned on, it goes to full output (as expected) and then immediately dims to a very low level. Batteries or tailcap are not the problem. Oh well ... :( I think the E2D...
  6. Mark2

    Surefire Stiletto disassembled

    Yes, I like it too, have another one on the way, but waterproofing is a concern. The seal on the head is stiff, low quality rubber, and the USB port is pretty much one big hole in the light. Properly seating the flap AND its anchor (another hole in the body) is paramount. However, unlike the...
  7. Mark2

    Surefire Stiletto disassembled

    No, the problem was poor soldering on the USB socket.
  8. Mark2

    Surefire Stiletto disassembled

    I am responsible for the marks, there's always the risk of damage when disassembling a new type of light for the first time. The next Stiletto I can disassemble without leaving the marks. The battery is still working, as is the light.
  9. Mark2

    Surefire Stiletto disassembled

    My Stiletto arrived DOA (Doomed on Arrival), it worked but did not charge. Got about 1 hour of play time :duh2:. Anyway, here's what's on the inside:
  10. Mark2

    *New* Surefire Sidekick 300 lumen Keychain Light

    Just received two more Sidekicks, they both do not blink while charging, manuals still say they do.
  11. Mark2

    DBR Guardian

    Update on the 2 lights with some water in them: water is still inside, lenses still fog up, but both lights have worked just fine. The small reflector on one of the lights has turned 'golden' (heat damage?), but the beam has not changed.
  12. Mark2


    Mine is yellow green. Almost 20 years later, and still playing the 'Luxeon' lottery.
  13. Mark2

    DBR Guardian

    I like it too, flood and spot in one light is great (think of TK76 but much more compact), and the beams of the DBR Guardians are very nice, with just a hint of a donut hole in the middle of the flood beam. Tints are great too.
  14. Mark2

    DBR Guardian

    When either of the lights is run on high for a couple of minutes, both bezels get completely fogged up with water, so there's definitely more water somewhere in the light. After having had the lights for a couple of days now, I have to say that I would not recommend this model. Besides the...
  15. Mark2

    DBR Guardian

    The lights were underwater for about 5 minutes at a depth of about 4 inches, no running water, no handling of the lights. The droplets on the reflectors almost certainly entered through the bezels. The rest of the body could very well be watertight, but there is no way of knowing without...
  16. Mark2

    DBR Guardian

    It would be a good allround EDC light that can do a lot of work before the battery goes bad, but water is a problem, and even more so because it cannot be opened for drying. Just a couple of minutes in the sink with no movement of the light or the water is enough to have small droplets on both...
  17. Mark2

    SRT6 indepedently tested lumen output anyone?

    You should check out some current Nitecore lights before calling them garbage.
  18. Mark2

    New Surefire UDR DOMINATOR loltastic price

    The UDR Dominator is in line with Surefire pricing. You get a powerful, large, well-made light + accessories. It puts out pretty much the same amount of light as a Fenix TK75, but in a more focused beam. It can keep up with a Fenix TK61 when it comes to throw but can't match the SR95S-UT. Makes...
  19. Mark2

    Microfire K3500. Any Beamshots yet?

    Does anyone's K3500 flicker as well? It's as if the arc would move around in the bulb just a little bit, causing the direction of the beam to change slightly. Sometimes it's stable for 30 seconds, then it flickers again. The position of the light doesn't seem to change anything.
  20. Mark2

    Surefire Kroma UV

    I removed the ring by forcing it away from the head, which takes a lot of force. It is held back by a metal ring. Please note that the metal ring in the picture is not broken, it has a gap so that it is flexible.