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  1. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired Prometheus / Dark Sucks Custom Alpha

    Prometheus / Dark Sucks Custom Alpha Electroless Nickel Plate 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum 18650 light XML emitter 3 mode, H/M/L last mode memory Has some wear (nicks, dings) on bezel and tail cap Comes with additional TIR lense, orings, additional tailcap rubber covers and grease...
  2. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired WTB Macs Tri, Knurly or EDC

    Looking for any Mac light that takes a 16350/18350 (Tri, Knurly or EDC), let me know what you have!
  3. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired **Traded** TAD Ti Lens Light Mini

    For sale: Triple Aught Design Lens Light Mini Polished Ti. Light is used and shows surface swirls nothing deep. Asking $300 shipped International please PM first for shipping Paypal only
  4. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired SPF Custom Surefire C2

    Sold pending funds Bought this light a few months ago on here and it hasn't seen much use other than night stand duty. Same condition as state in the original thread, only change is the programming. The light is currently set for High, Med, moonlight with NO memory High first always. Here is...
  5. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired WTB Mac's custom

    Well someone at the USPS decided they liked my brass macs custom so I am looking for one again. Exotic materials would be nice but I'm open to any material. Open to all Mac's custom's, edc, tri, etc... Pm me with what you have!
  6. sobrnola

    A few Mule questions...(and Haiku)

    Just got my first mule and it's pretty neat. First question is when I first turned it on it had this weird mode where it dimmed itself hi to low over and over. I don't know what I did to make it stop but its gone for now. Kinda weird and just want to know if anyone else has had this happen...
  7. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired **SOLD** Mac's Custom EDC Ti sst-50 w/FREE REPROGRAMING by Flucero28!!!

    ***SOLD*** Just got this light and the beam is a little too warm for my taste. Totally stock Mac's Custom titanium EDC SST-50 2.8a. Temp is approximated to be 4500K or higher so pretty neutral. Comes with clip and 2 AW IMR 16340 with one cycle on each. Looking to get $315 shipped CONUS only...
  8. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired TRADED McLux TK for McGizmo or Mac's custom

    ****TRADED**** I have an original McLux TK that I am looking to trade/sell for a McGizmo or Mac's custom. I have cash that I can kick in of course so send me your trade offers and we will talk. I am also open to selling but prefer trading. Please do not hesitate to send me an offer cash or...
  9. sobrnola

    Sold/Expired WTB HDS clip

    I am looking for the clip that came on the Ti HDS lights. It doesn't have to be an original but I want the option to carry bezel up or down with out having to change clip position. If you can make it that would be great as it doesn't have to be titanium. I have included the picture in case...
  10. sobrnola

    First McGizmo!

    So I just picked up my first McGizmo in the marketplace here. Its an original McLux with the original head. My question is what can I do to breath life into this piece of McGizmo history? New driver or drop in? Or should I just preserve it the way it is? I don't mind dumping some money into this...
  11. sobrnola

    Anyone know where I can get this clip...

    Anyone know who makes the clip on the Ti HDS pictured below? sent from my portable interwebs navigation thingie
  12. sobrnola

    Hds clicky HELP!!!!

    I have scoured this forum and cannot for the life of me program the A preset. I can do B-D easily but A is impossible. Can someone please advise on how this is done. I have a HDS 140E raised tailcap. Thanks! sent from my portable interwebs navigation thingie
  13. sobrnola

    xtar wp2 II and 14250's

    I have the xtar wp2 II and it works great! I recently purchased a Lummi Raw and was wondering if my xtar was ok to use on the14250's? Or is the nano charger a better solution? I know you have to watch the nano since it does not lower the voltage enough after it turns green:eek:. Either way I...
  14. sobrnola

    Suggest me a edc!!

    hey guys I am new to this all and have a few surefire lights but need an edc for my pocket. I filled out the form below and I am open to all suggestions!!!! Thanks! 1) How would you prefer to purchase the light? I will be mail-ordering or buying online, so this doesn't matter. 2) Budget: An...