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  1. LEDobsession

    Sold/Expired WTT Spy 007 or Tri-V

    Hi guys, I'm interested in a Spy 007 or Tri-V flashlight, any options, newer versions preferred, but I'll probably entertain whatever you have. I would prefer to trade custom small scale CNC machine work or design+machine work. I own a small business and machine shop and primarily do industrial...
  2. LEDobsession

    Titan Ring Designs -- 5Axis CNC Machined Titanium Wedding Rings

    Hey guys, I've been working hard at starting this business of CNC Machined Titanium Wedding Rings for a while now, and with my first prototypes soon to be finished at the machine shop I work at, I will be devoting more time and effort to getting the word spread about. I haven't had much...
  3. LEDobsession

    Machining a titanium ring, a work of art

    When it comes to men's jewelry, I haven't really ever seen anything that would have made me want to wear a ring or anything else besides my watch, but then I came across Rogue DZN, and found some pretty cool stuff. I was particularly drawn to the Revolver. That's a ring I'd wear for sure. But...
  4. LEDobsession

    Tapping Titanium--with an M1.6x.35 tap--any tips?

    Does anyone have any experience, tips, or advice for tapping 6AL-V4 titanium with a tap so small? I don't have a lot of experience with titanium as it is and I've put myself neck deep in a project that will require some very small bolts, M1.6x.35. I'll be doing it all in an Okuma Multus B300-W...
  5. LEDobsession

    iPhone 5 anyone?

    I just pre-ordered a Black 32GB iPhone 5 from Verizon about an hour ago. Apparently I was a little late for the sooner shipping date as Apple sold out of the pre-orders in the first 60 minutes early this morning, and now I will have to wait till about the 26th-28th or so. I'm still excited...
  6. LEDobsession

    Going away for awhile....

    I'm going to Wisconsin for awhile, particularly Milwaukee, but I won't be able to do much on CPF for the 2 years I'm there, unfortunately. As such, my offroad lighting projects will be on hold till I come back, which might not be so much of a bad thing as I will have 2 years of new technology to...
  7. LEDobsession

    Slackers Unite....Tomorrow!

    This summer I came across a sport I had never before seen, except in the circus on a much more dangerous condition. What Im talking about is the art and sport of SlackLining. It requires great skill - in many aspects, a few of which are balance, agility, and concentration. This is basically like...
  8. LEDobsession

    Vibram FiveFingers

    So I found some crazy looking shoes in a rock climbing magazine a couple of years back and just recently was reminded of them, and I have decided that when I can actually find a place that isn't sold out, I'll buy some. They are called the Five Fingers, made by Vibram of Italy. Remember those...
  9. LEDobsession

    Trans Fats

    I would like to know what you people think of trans fat and if you still eat foods with it or if, like me, you have completely eliminated it from your diet.
  10. LEDobsession

    Not so "Great Fun" Scam

    I was checking through my bank statement today when I noticed a charge that went through yesterday to a company I had never before heard of. This company is called TLG*GREAT FUN. The statement had a phone number attached so, naturally I called. The company informed me that I was subscribed to...
  11. LEDobsession

    Back to work

    Today, (in about 2 hours) I start back at the awesome machine shop I worked for about 6 months ago for a little over a year. Now I should be able to get my Solaris Series lights goin in a little while. Wish me luck!
  12. LEDobsession

    Tonsils out!

    :sick: Just had an Adenotonsillectomy this morrning-afternoon. Should be fun for a week. :crackup: Still pretty loopy.
  13. LEDobsession

    Flickr members

    Being into photography, I love to see what everyone has. If you're a flickr member, post your flickr name/site/link/whatever on here so that we can add some more contacts. :twothumbs
  14. LEDobsession

    Sold/Expired I need some interest to build/sell my custom lights

    Ok. Im back from Canada and Im officially trying to do a little test market with these. I want to make 10 or so (I can probably sell 2 to a buddy), so maybe a total of 12. This light, being the first and technically my prototype, will be somewhat altered for production. The fins, wiring...
  15. LEDobsession

    Multiple P7 Heat Management

    Does anyone know what would be an ideal operating temperature for 8 SSC P7's? When I run the light at 12 vdc for 10 minutes, it manages its heat output through the heatsink/body very well and there is little to no heat noticeable on the heatsink itself. When I run the light at 14 vdc...
  16. LEDobsession

    Vision X Patriot LED Light

    Vision X is currently working on something new, the Patriot LED Light. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out: There are others as well, just google. Supposed to have strobe, dim...
  17. LEDobsession

    Im going to Canada!

    So I got a summer job coming up here soon. Im going to Calgary to install security systems. Hopefully I can make enough to buy a HAAS Toolroom Mill (TM-1). I might just bring my Light bar if anyone up there wants to see it.
  18. LEDobsession

    SSC P7 Leads?

    Hey I was just courious, how do you tell the anode and cathode apart on the P7 emitter? I'm sure it has something to do with the small small hole on one side of the leads but which is positive and which is negative?
  19. LEDobsession

    Vision X 42 inch XMitter Beam shots

    I don't really know why I haven't put any beam shots from my light bar on here yet but anyways, for those of you that are curious about them, heres some pics: This is just the low beam shot with stupid Sylvania Silverstars. Taken in snow they actually don't look too bad. This also has the...
  20. LEDobsession

    HELP! 10 SSC P7 LEDs in offroad racing light

    8 SSC P7 LEDs in offroad racing light Hi, Im new to this forum but im in the middle of making an offroad LED light using a number of SSC P7 leds. I want it to be similar to the Vision X Xmitter high intensity light bars like the 42" one I bought ( IT'S DAMN BRIGHT!). I am a machinist and today...