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  1. Orion

    Hello, I'm Orion. And I have a problem. Bought another flashlight.

    So, yeah......even though I do NOT need it, I bought another flashlight. This time, a Nitecore EC22. I carried it today as my EDC.
  2. Orion

    What's the latest in magnetic variable ring type flashlights?

    I prefer flashlights that I can control the output on and those I found the best are the "magnetic ring" types which can slowly be ramped up in output as you twist the ring. Unfortunately, there aren't very many small lights that do this, namely small AAA or AA size lights, so the next best are...
  3. Orion

    Computer experts needed: Intermittent network connetivity issues

    I'm having an issue with my computer. During the course of an evening, my internet will drop. It stops working. I do the I run the network fix [through IE], and eventually it come back up. It lasts a short bit then goes back down again. I borrowed a laptop and it doesn't seem to have this...
  4. Orion

    What Anti Virus software should I use?

    Hey guys, just wondering what anti virus software I should be running on my computer. Currently, I have Malware Bytes,....but as I understand it, that's not technically an anti virus software. When I try to turn on Windows Defender, I get a message that it is not on because another program...
  5. Orion

    Energizer Vision HD 6AA...battery question...

    I got an Energizer Vision HD, which takes 6AA batteries. What if I wanted to use 4 14500 cells and 2 dummy cells? Would this work? This light is extremely bright, BTW......quite amazing for the price. :-)
  6. Orion

    Never thought I would be impressed with a store bought flashlight.

    Okay, generally, store purchased flashlights aren't as good as those which are usually purchased online. However, I got curious at Target, the other day, and picked up the Energizer Vision HD 2AA, . . . which has three small LEDs with two small throw-ish optics, and one flood optic. I have to...
  7. Orion

    Sold/Expired Considering having someone put an XP-L in my Jetstream RRT01

    I'm looking for someone to put an XP-L [I have one on the substrate] in my Jetstream RRT01. Who can do this? Vinh? Will the XP-L work with the existing reflector? Will the output be worth the money? FYI, I run a rechargable in this light. Thanks for your consideration.
  8. Orion

    Best infinitely variable magenetic ring light brands and models?

    It's been a long time since I've posted here. I have discovered that my favorite type of light is the ones with the magnetic ring infinitely variable output. Currently I have a Sunwayman V11R, a Nitecore SRT6, a Niteye Eye10, and a Jetbeam RRT-01. Which of these brands tends to build the...
  9. Orion

    Brightest infinite magnetic ring style light that would take an 18650?

    I have a request that I hope you can help me out with. I am looking for the brightest infinite magnetic ring style light that would run on an 18650 [the longer Nitecore cells]. Quality and reliability is important. If you can help, . . . thanks!
  10. Orion

    Will my Ultrafire 18650 blow up on me?

    Okay, so I wasn't really sure how to go about searching for this, and if you know, please post the link. Thanks. I have two lights that I run a single 18650 cell in. To be specific, . . .Ultrafire LC 18650 2400mAh 3.7V. I have read some of the "exploding battery" threads and I am wanting to...
  11. Orion

    RCR123 choices. Which one between Nitecore and Tenergy?

    Looking to get a protected RCR123 [and charger] for my RRT01 and wanted to see which of the cells you would choose, between Nitecore and Tenergy. Thanks for the input.
  12. Orion

    Need input. Running XML2 LEDs on a 12v Power Supply?

    I was thinking of a "house lighting" project using a 12v 300mA Power Supply to power the XML2 emitter [thinking of going with 3 of them, . . . 4 volts each, running them in series]. Would this power supply be inadequate to power the LEDs to any significant brightness? I plan on putting them on...
  13. Orion

    Best batteries to use for Nitecore EA4?

    I have a Nitecore EA4 and have three options to power it: 1. Alkalines 2. Lithiums 3. Eneloop ~2000 mAh What would you use?
  14. Orion

    Will 4sevens make a Mini123 with the XM-L2 LED?

    Will 4sevens make a Mini123 with the XM-L2 LED? If they did, would it produce any more light than the XM-L version?
  15. Orion

    Question about LEDs in gun lights...

    An owner of a local store, that sells flashlights, said that XM-L LEDs won't hold up to the recoil of a gun like the XR-E LED will. I personally think he's full of baloney, but what do you say? I think it may be that HIS lights use XR-E LEDs in his tacticool [Hellfire] flashlights. Comments?
  16. Orion

    Sold/Expired WTB: SST-90 or P7 LEDs, depending on price, and thermal adhesive.

    I have a home project that I am working on and need three high output LEDs and some thermal epoxy. I don't know what the per unit price is on these LEDs, but I am interested in SST-90, SST-50, and P7. If you have these, or know where I can get these items, please post or send PM. If...
  17. Orion

    Can someone modify a Sunwayman M10R with an XML for me?

    I have a Sunwayman M10R that I was thinking of changing out the R5 for an XML. First, is this something that can be done fairly easily? Do you know someone who could do it, or could you? PM me with details if you have info. Thanks!
  18. Orion

    What is currently the best 18650 and charger setup?

    What is currently the best 18650 and charger? Looking for a two cell setup that will charge both cells [in parallel, I'm guessing] with overcharge protection. Please reply with the brand and if you have a link to these, post here. Thank you.
  19. Orion

    Is there a CR123 battery drainer available [LED]?

    I have a bunch of used CR123 batteries that need a lighting device to squeeze out all the remaining power out of them. I'm looking to get something that is simple that just hooks to the battery. Probably using a lower power LED [or two. . . or three] would be best. Let me know if there is...
  20. Orion

    Sold/Expired WTB: XML LED and set of thermal epoxy...

    I'm wanting to change out an older LED with an XML LED. I'm wanting one that is just barely on the cool side of warm. :-D Really, though, . . . about as white as possible. I also need thermal epoxy. . . . . whatever works best. Thanks!