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  1. gromit

    Is the website no longer in business I found this site working
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    Sold/Expired Gotham #22 FS -> ***SPF***

    Up for sale is Gotham #22 of 100. As new condition, has less than 10 min use. Never carried. All accessories included. Will post pictures later. Certified Paypal or USPS money orders. $275.00 shipped to USA . Insurance included...
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    trying to pick a Surround Sound system

    There is a difference between natural and subdued sound. I prefer a more natural sound than a muted or overly bright and boomy sound. Everyone likes something different or just doesnt know any better. I have listened to Dali and I like my Revels better since I paid less than that for them.
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    Does anyone know what UPS does with stuff they broke AFTER they pay you for it?

    check their website and link to ebay auctions, npsstore (dot) com Check for salvage companies in your city. It may show up there.
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    trying to pick a Surround Sound system

    I have spent time auditioning Klipsch on Krell, Aragon, Adcom gold badge, and on many receivers. I just dont like them. That doesn't mean that they are bad. It's not the sound I was looking for. Speakers that are very bright are not my favorite. I had Martin Logan for a while and just couldn't...
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    Does anyone know what UPS does with stuff they broke AFTER they pay you for it?

    there is a business here in Salt Lake City called NPS that sells a lot of it. Most companies use separate insurance carriers that take damaged units and sells in lots. Most of the time when products I ship (electronics) are damaged we are paid and I just throw them away.
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    trying to pick a Surround Sound system

    just keep in mind that there are as many opinions on Audio as there are on lights, and MOST are worth what you paid for it, nothing. If you have the time go to a regional store or a custom house and listen, listen, and listen. Take some music that you like. a 5 or 10 min demo isnt long enough to...
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    LED flashlight for car

    I also keep a C3 (or other AA light) in my car with extra eneloops. I like the AA option that if have to buy a couple I'm not being raped by 7-11 on CR132A batts. I also have a escort passport that uses AA.
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    Canon Powershot G5, pouch wanted!

    Quantaray Pro holster style. While it has a handle on top and three small outside storage pockets, there are others out there that dont. It works great to toss around and provides good protection and is small enough to put in my backpack.
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    Recomend BT headset, perhaps from DX

    I've been using the iGo home and car chargers at work and home for years. I buy the tips that I need when I get a new phone or device. Since I travel its easier to take one wall charger and 4-5 tips than 4-5 wall warts, or car chargers. Yes it is more expensive than buying the cheap ebay...
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    Digital Picture Frames

    The brand is Pandigital and work fine. No issues, put in the SD card and the slide show started.
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    Digital Picture Frames

    My company just sent me 7 picture frames for digital signage for my branch. I was told to just put the SD cards in and set the unit up to change the picture every 3-5 seconds. Should be a no-brainer, but I'll tell you tomorrow after I set them up. Dave
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    Sold/Expired Nautilus & Ion titanium & Ion Stainless **SPF**

    Re: Nautilus & Ion titanium & Ion Stainless SOLD pending funds.
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    Sold/Expired Nautilus & Ion titanium & Ion Stainless **SPF**

    Re: Nautilus & Ion titanium & Ion Stainless All lights are spoken for. Pending payments.
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    Sold/Expired Nautilus & Ion titanium & Ion Stainless **SPF**

    For sale is a Nautilus in titanium, Ion in titanium, and Ion in stainless. These ion lights are "naked" like the Nautilus, no writing on them. The Nautilus is in great condition from the November '07 run. The IONs are also in great condition and were purchased from Endeavour Sept of '07...
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    GPS features/brands/models

    I have a Garmin Nuvi 760 that I used when I was a rep. What I liked: Bluetooth Voice pleasing maps good, very good at night long battery many options to charge size of screen easy set-up What I didn't use: MP3 and ebook reader/player msn link What I have liked to see the finding satellites...
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    MacBookPro works well with what PDA

    Follow-up. No issues with the Sony Palm unit. I don't use my Pro for work so I cannot say how it works with email etc.
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    I think I need a digital book...

    I've owned the Sony since September and been happy with it. Battery life is good and can be charged with PSP chargers available anywhere. I do agree with others that the speed is on the slow side but nothing to terrible. Having to have a light shine on it took some time getting used to but no...
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    MacBookPro works well with what PDA

    I had nothing but problems using a Dell (pocket pc) with my Pro. I'm going to break out my old palm and give it a try. I remember that it worked best but it has been years and different OS.
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    Recommendations on Radar Detector / Laser Detector

    I chose the Solo 2 because it is cordless. When I was a sales rep (until last October) I was driving all over the place and wanted a unit that I could easily grab and hide or take with me. It has yet to fail me over the years and 100,000 miles I have used it. I could get a week out of reg...