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    Cheap buck drivers for red LEDs?

    First, yes I'm aware of fellow Kiwi torchboy's driver list, which has been very helpful in my research :-) I'm looking for cheap drivers for red LEDs for 3x or 4xNiMH and 1xli-ion, something under US$5 including shipping. With a modes particularly a slow flashing mode would be good too although...
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    What happens to the AX2002 when input voltage is below 3.6V?

    As the title says does anyone know what the AX2002 does when input voltage is below 3.6V? I'm obviously thinking of the case when Vf isn't a factor. In theory it should drop out of regulation but how? Some background, I'm looking at using the AX2002 for driving a (or multiple) red power...
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    Native Solarforce LC-XPG R5 single mode 3V-18V driver - AX2002?

    First, apologies if this is the wrong forum, I'm still new to CPF. I thought of asking in the LED Flashlights forum but then decided it's a question modders would most likely be able to answer even if it isn't concerning a mod per se. Am I right the normal driver in the LC-XPG R5 single mode is...
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    What are these red LEDs?

    Hey all, Hope people don't mind me asking here instead of in the budget forum since it does concern LEDs rather then flashlights. I came across several red LEDs on KD. I'm not planning to buy them and I'm aware they may change at anytime and they're probably just cheap no name Chinese...
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    Opinions on budget XP-G torches (the hosts in particular)?

    Planning to buy a 18650 light, primarily for my bicycle handlebar. Leaning to an XP-G R5 because of the good price and efficiency (many suggest little point for a P7 or MC-E on a P60 at least if you want extended run times) but am having trouble choosing which one. Kaidomain has several...