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  1. betti154

    Infrared High Power LED

    Thanks for input. Small run protoypes only, 6-8 max.
  2. betti154

    Infrared High Power LED

    Thank you for the info, much appreciated. Ds
  3. betti154

    Infrared High Power LED

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but I'm not sure which group was relevant. I'm looking for a high Power LED in the 80-100w space, near IR spectrum 730-850nm range. LED on board must fit in 49mm diameter. I've seen and have tested some Chinese ones on...
  4. betti154

    Prolonged peizo and taskled

    I've never seen this before. My guess is the board is damaged in some way, but that is a guess. Not much to go wrong with a piezo.
  5. betti154

    Tec Backup Light

    thanks - they look nice. Any experience with them?
  6. betti154

    waterproof switch SMF1 I've used, but that was mainly because of what I could get. M16x1.0 thread required, or similar glued clearance hole. Also APEM make an elongated Piezo. Search this forum, from memory 350xfire or someone else on here was selling them. The elongated...
  7. betti154

    waterproof switch

    Work a piezo button into the solution. The elongated ones are best unless you've got a latching circuit.
  8. betti154

    14K lumen video light

    Vero29? What did you drive it with.
  9. betti154

    Tec Backup Light

    Do you have cost (2 units) + shipping to oz? Beam shot? Dimensions? Thanks, ds
  10. betti154

    Tec Backup Light

    A modded div05 would be similar to that little dive rite backup I imagine?
  11. betti154

    Tec Backup Light

    Guys, Anyone know of a handheld backup light that meets the following criteria? Size: Reasonably small, max 30x200mm Output: 300-400lm (min) Beam: Very tight (less than 10 degrees, aspheric lens?) Depth: 150m (min) Power: Rechargeable 18650, or CR123 primaries could work Burn time: 4hours...
  12. betti154

    Abyss Dive Lights Backup

    What's the beam like? I'm in the market for some good backup lights but haven't found any I like yet (or rather that fit my requirements).
  13. betti154

    Metalsub Gland - Anyone know how they go together?

    Hi, As title suggests, anyone know how the metalsub glands go together properly? I'm unsure what sequence the two silicone sleeves go back into the gland in? I've got one big, one small. Unfortunately when it came these couldn't have been in any order, and don't seem to got back into the...
  14. betti154

    lens for cree XML

    It works, but isn't real tight. Id guess about 35 degrees in water. I tested the solution as a primary light and didn't like it. The 7 xmls at 3amp simply resulted in a big flare of light everywhere you pointed. As a primary it did not make much sense to me in the end, though at lower...
  15. betti154

    30.000L video light

    Ah, I meant what electronics but I read they are custom. Did you build these yourself!
  16. betti154

    30.000L video light

    More pics please! What's it driven by?
  17. betti154

    Green Force Flexi II Battery Pack Replacement

    Bet way I can describe it is the umbilical neck and top unscrew from the body. I've used multigrip pliers in the past, but watch out not to scratch the hell out of the delrin. It comes apart at the seem you identified. Bottom screw is a over pressure valve, but otherwise the bottom of the...
  18. betti154

    Piezo Switch Experts

    I used epoxy or sealant in delrin. There is nothing to grip them with screwing them in to get a good oring seal wasn't that reliable. The really thin oring wasn't easy to get a sealing surface on either. I had tried thicker ones but felt sealant or epoxy did the job better.
  19. betti154

    PCB for Battery Pack

    I've had similar issues where the PCM needed to be initialized by charging. I pulled lots of hair out figuring it out, though just had to charge the sucker and all was good.
  20. betti154

    Boro Glass Lenses

    I'm building a light that needs to go deep. Assuming a 60-63mm boro lens, does anyone know whether a 10mm thickness will handle 200m/21bar/300psi? I've looked at the calculator linked to in the library, but to honest can't make sense of the material types...