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    Chinese 3W LED review [With pics]

    Quite interesting update. Goes to show that even when you're buying (it sounds like) small quantities you can still get good stuff from China. You just have to put up with the weird quarks and sometimes unexpected or undesirable behaviour.
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    Currently highest CRI LED chip?

    I was further researching highish CRI (min 80) highish CCT (5000K minimum) LEDs a while ago starting with this thread and other searches but never completed my research so never posted. It's probably partially outdated...
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    High CRI Cool White?

    I'd like that too. Pity there are so few high CRI high CCT LEDs. I'm not even asking for 90, even 80 would be great.
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    Cree XT-E White announced

    Presuming these 2 posts are accurate (I'm lazy to check) and I didn't screw up, at 700mA and 85C XT-E neutral 203 lumens XP-G neutral 187 lumens XM-L neutral 216 lumens
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    Desperatly looking for driver (updated kennan driver?)

    It's a while later but download used to or may be still does sell AX2002 multimode boards here . I'm not aware of any of the large vendors selling multimode AX2002 driver boards. You can check out Torchboy's...
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    Cheap buck drivers for red LEDs?

    A long time later but I found where someone found with a P60 dropin that uses a AX2002 with a red Cree LED, it just doesn't work below 3.5V and barely works at 3.5V (low current). At least there's still no sign it kills the LED even...
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    High Quality Chinese Generic LED's

    I'm not saying the Chinese emitters are a good buy. But I think your point on 10W LEDs is flawed. Anyone buying a 10W Chinese LED on eBay for US$12 is indeed an idiot because it doesn't matter what the actual specs on the LED are. 10W LEDs sell for under US$5 in single quantity...
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    Lumileds uping the ante on the Rebel

    Interesting from the Philips Rebel ES FAQ: The new chip is 1.4mm x 1.4mm and is the same size as the Cree XPG chip but delivers better performance in actual operating conditions As for two parts having the same name? These...
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    SheKor Charger for 18650/17670/18500/17500/14500/16340/

    If you look a bit further in, you'll see it mentioned a big problem with the charger is the spring resistance. In my case I reduced charging time by about an hour IIRC by semi fixing the problem. I still didn't get a proper CC/CV although the current doesn't go as low so fast. I'm planning to do...
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    Cheap LSD NiMH from Hobby City - Turnigy AA 2200 mAh

    Has anyone done or seen a test of the LSD characteristic of the Turnigy? Obviously this takes time but it seems they have been available for at least 9 months so there could be tests e.g. after 6 months. From all I've read, it appears these are probably rebranded GP ReCycko cells which would...
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    New Imedion 2400mah LSD AA Batteries

    Anyone has problems with the positive terminal/button top not making contact? I have some old Imedion (2100mAh) and they do have a problem with some devices. In particular with my PowerEx/Maha MH-C401FS you have to pull the battery out slightly for it to make contact in the far left (or is it...
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    Cree does it again-160 lumens per watt @350 mA

    From the lit image I think it's difficult to say, the one on the right is so much that it could easily be an illusion due to the differeing brightness, not helped probably by the camera's response to the oversaturation. The unlit one is somewhat suggestive particularly given the label but it is...
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    Cree does it again-160 lumens per watt @350 mA

    Any news on the XM-L? Like are samples out yet?
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    Cheap buck drivers for red LEDs?

    Thanks for that. I was thinking the same thing as you i.e. it may drop out of regulation below 3.6V and actually increase current potentially killing the led but was hoping the minimum was more because of the Vf of white led means it was unlikely to have enough headroom so they didn't bother to...
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    Cheap buck drivers for red LEDs?

    Thanks. This is with recentish drivers with the AX2002 chips (look something like not one of the very old ones right? Did you ever test it at low voltage? Like say 3.3V which is below what the driver is speced for...
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    Bridgelux 3 Watt (3x1W) 3 Chip LED? Is this real? See Pic

    This is OT but I'm still fairly unfamiliar with much of the LED world outside the few ones popular for flashlight use. By SEMI do you mean these guys ?
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    Cheap buck drivers for red LEDs?

    It occured to me another option is one of those boost drivers with linear regulator. Perhaps would have no problem with 2xAA and (single series) red led
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    Cheap buck drivers for red LEDs?

    Thanks for your reply/suggestions. The LED in series and use boost is an interesting idea I haven't considered. Efficiency would potentially be lower and cost probably a bit higher (but it has modes obviously) but definitely worth considering particularly with the modes and already tested so...
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    SheKor Charger for 18650/17670/18500/17500/14500/16340/

    Is that normal for where you live? Or don't have enough experience to say? I live in Auckland and probably all airmail arrives here so generally 1-2 weeks from when it's actually shipped is the norm for items sent from HK probably closer to 1 week. I did have an item take 2 months! which was...