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  1. Holzleim

    1500W LED Flashlight, >100.000 Lumen, >1Mcd

    After some Months of development and build time, it is nearly finished now: around 1.5 kW maximum power >100.000 Lumen total output intensity >1Mcd 3kg weight four groups of light: 1x SBT90.2 behind 62mm TIR optic (tight spot, 560kcd) 4x SBT90.2 behind 30mm TIR optics (medium spot, 500kcd) 8x...
  2. Holzleim

    Handheld 500W LED Power .... finally finished (Beamshots added)

    Hi, want to introduce you to my new >500W peak power LED light: After many hours of work it is nearly finished. Now some details: - 20x CREE MC-E 4B K-bin and one XR-E WG Q5 - 8 MC-E with CARCLO 26,5mm plain tight optics - 12 MC-E without optics for flood - XR-E behind 110mm aspherical...
  3. Holzleim

    Experience CREE 4B (or similar) tint????

    Hello All, I'm looking forward to buying some CREE MC-E for my new multi-MC-E lamp. I decided to equip it with MC-E of the neutral white tint range. Here I have a rather good offer for 4B tint MC-E with K flux bin. Initially I wanted to use 5A or 5D tint MC-E because these are the warmest ones...
  4. Holzleim

    CUTTER sipping-costs and tax/customs to GERMANY

    Hi All, anyone from Germany ordered stuff at CUTTER? From their website I didn't find yet the shipping-cost to Germany. An other question is how much tax / customs duty will have to be payed and how is it payed? Thanks in advance for any help, Regards, Holzleim
  5. Holzleim

    Mixing RED emitters with cool white ones (MC-E) ???

    Hello All, has anyone made experiences in mixing red emitters with cool white ones in a multi-emitter setup? I'm currently building a multi MC-E light using beside MC-E equipped wit TIR optics some MC-E without any optics for pure flood light. Concerning these flood LED group I thought of...
  6. Holzleim

    BestThrowing 18x55mm 4W LED Flashlight???

    Hi all, first posted this in the wrong section, so if one of the admins may delete my post there, please do so. I found no way to do it. just want to show my latest LED flashlight: - CREE Q5 WG - Atmel ATMega8 µC controlled - current between 5mA und 1150mA (1,4A can be "unlocked" :-) ) -...
  7. Holzleim

    Relationship Beam Tightness - Lens/LED-Die Diameter

    Hi All, I asked a similar question direct to Ra, but perhaps this might of interest in more general form: Does anone know some (perhaps simplified) mathematic relationship between the size (diameter of LED die) of the light emitting object and the size (diameter) of an asperical lens mounted in...
  8. Holzleim

    18x55mm µC controlled 4W flashlight with asheric

    Hi all, just want to show my latest LED flashlight: - CREE Q5 WG - Atmel ATMega8 µC controlled - current between 5mA und 1150mA (1,4A can be "unlocked" :-) ) - 200mAh LiPo (high current capable up to 10C) - charger-IC integrated with mini-USB plug for charging - at the back RGB LED for...