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    It's on North Korea.......

    Check out the news - Heavy Artie exchanges in progress.....
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    I recently picked up a finger notch body and 1xAA extension tube from RMSK so I could use my eneloops in my older CP head. Three eneloops fresh off the charger reading 1.45v each provide an excellent beam- just as nice as a single 18650 at 4.12v. I picked up an extra AA extender and tried...
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    for the fast ship on the Finger notch body and AA extension tube.
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    Question for DUMDUM

    Hey Bob- when the old specials are off your website- does that mean they are all gone- or do you just take them down to make room for other graphics?
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    Spectral Sensitivity of the Circadian System re: studies of Alzheimer's Disease

    Blue lighting and potential AD treatment- 470nm range. Interesting read.
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    Chilean Miners- Surviving the Darkness

    Interesting article. LED's and the circadian system. One way to keep the miners on a daily routine is to simulate light and dark periods during each day. The men have already designated light and dark areas in the...
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    Any interest in the LR44 body? Tiny Eiger.....?

    I think only 2 of the 2 x LR44 button cell Baltic bodies were made- I would be happy even with a raw non annodized aluminum one. Anyone else? The new XPG might be able to handle a 3 cell body @ 1.5v each.
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    Logan #0??????

    ok- looks like this may now be a special order thru RMSK then Peak will drop ship it....looks promising. Another post from Curt mentioned the #2 Logan ran for 45 hrs on a primary the #0 may have a potential run time of 90+ hours. Sounds interesting.:thumbsup:
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    FR1200A SST-50W specs and new pic

    Looks like Bob updated the picture...... FR1200A A Luminus SST-50W powered unit with a maximum output of approximately 1,200 Lumens. This primary duty light is fully adjustable in its power output. With such a high power output in a compact unit we do not recommend operating...
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    Cree XPG R5 replaces Rebel 100's in Eiger

    Appears Rebel 100's are no longer being used in production. :thumbsup:....evolution is accelerating.:popcorn:
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    Cyberwar- shaping the battlefield

    Any thoughts on the chaos that would occur, say if North Korea would try to shut down the Power Grid here in North America? Or if some other entity would launch a massive DDOS attack? The fresh air interview with Richard Clarke on 19 April was interesting- anyone else catch it? Especially...
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    Royal Navy to the Rescue

    Just head on the radio this morning- the Royal Navy is being called into action and has been tasked with sending three ships to France and as far away as Spain. Also heard rumors of flights of stranded British Citizens her in North America may be routed to Madrid for similar Maritime...
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    Designed Obsolescence v. Perceived Obsolescence et al.

    No intent to start any flaming rants/political arguments here. Just a topic that is relevant to our hobby and interesting. Please discuss with civility if you wish to share your thoughts. Thanks. "Our enormously productive economy... demands that we make...
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    R.I.P ARC Forum. ..a dark day in CPF History

    I am in no way whining about the ARC forum closure- I just would like to give the many old timers her on CPF a chance to say goodbye and pay their respects to ARC if they wish to do so. Unforgiven- thanks for placing some of the old threads somewhere else so they are not lost for good. You...
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    Delete- duplicate

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    Anyone here carve their own fishing lures or tie flies?

    Just curious....I tie some basics and carve some small minnow like single hook fly rod minnow baitfish out of balsa wood. Will try to post a pic.
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    P7 PEAK weapon light observation

    Found this on regular CPF- thought PEAK observers would enjoy in case they didn't catch it the first time around. pics from OP thread
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    How NOT to mod a PEAK

    1. Beer and modding do not mix. 2. Use the right size snap ring pliers or you will damage the lens. 3. Don't loose the original reflector or try to find o-rings at home depot. :ohgeez: The saving grace- I have the beam just the way I like it.....:thumbsup: Hi Henk!:crackup:
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    Happy Birthday Peter

    Dude- you are only 38?......I feel ancient now.