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    Inka pen/stylus refill

    Hi ppl, after almost 15 years my inka keyring pen run out and I'm finding it difficult to find a refill for it since the original has been discontinued, I got the SS version. So does anyone know where I can pick up one? thanks in advance
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    Sold/Expired WTB MBI HFR Ti

    Hey ppl, looking for an MBI HFR Ti.
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    Looking for rcr123 keyring light

    Very similar to my Titanium CR2 Quark mini, if i am to get something new, it might as well be brighter....
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    Looking for rcr123 keyring light

    Any suggestions that meet my criteria ? Titanium body As small as possible As bright as possible, preferably with an XML 2 emitter And i don't want to spend too much on it, something around 100$
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    Looking for rcr123 keyring light

    I fully agree but it's too big for me, the mini is what i'm looking for size wise. Even the Olight S1 is too big :/ Maybe i should change my configuration to CR2 lights....
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    Looking for rcr123 keyring light

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. But so far, the lights you mentioned are either too big, too old (not having the latest emitter) or way too expensive in the case of the nautilus. I guess i'll have to wait for the rest of 47s line up for this year to be revealed and see if he has updated the...
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    Looking for rcr123 keyring light

    Hi guys. My titanium quark 123 mini finally died on me, so I'm looking for a replacement. Unfortunately 4 sevens doesn't offer the latest version in titanium, so I'm looking for something as close as possible to it. Has to be able to handle rcr123, titanium body with keyring attachment, the...
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    What's your absolute "must have" criteria for buying another flashlight?

    Re: What's your absolute "must have" criteria for buying another flashlight? Money.... I got none, problem solved :( I haven't bought a new light for over a year, since my bussines went under... And that's the main reason i have stopped being so active here, i love lights, always have since...
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    I just can't make up my mind....

    Back with a report, unfortunately not the one i was hopping for.... Last week as i was expecting my new folder to arrive, i got a call from Fedex here in Greece, telling that it was held up in customs and i had to pay some extra fees to get it processed. I said fine, how much could they...
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    I just can't make up my mind....

    Since the poll turned out a tie i decided with your help (those who actually posted here) to go for the Doug Ritter Mini-RSK. inittialy i was a bit dissappointed when i saw my order marked as backordered and after an email inquiry found out that it would be shipped anywhere between 1-3 weeks i...
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    I just can't make up my mind....

    Dully noted, thanks for the concern but i am well aware of the concequences if i get caught carrying a folder, hence the sub 3 inch blades i am trying to decide between. As for the thread closing part, i seriously doubt that asking for an honnest opinion between 2 knives could be considered...
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    I just can't make up my mind....

    Ok i need some help here.... I want a small folder to keep in my jeans pocket at all times and have it there for emergency use only.... A bit of backround info first. I live in Greece, carrying knives is illegal so i am looking for something small but hefty enough if i need to use it for self...
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    My Pimpsqueaks and Marlowes

    Hey Chip Mind if i ask how much you payed for the Pimpsqueaks ? Also, would it be possible for you to upload an in-hand photo of the knife so i can get a rough idea of the actuall size ? Thanks in advance John
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    Show Us Your EDC Folder

    I used to edc an auto benchmite, but since they stopped making them i wouldn't want to lose it cause i like it so much, so i am carrying a spyderco cricket now.
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    Can someone make my Jil CR2 Ti more interesting ?

    Hi ppl I have a Jil CR2 Ti light that realy looks great but doens't perform... I know it's meant to be a long running keylight but i would much more prefere a 2 stage light with 1 low 10-20 lumens and a nice 180-200 lumen max when needed. So if anyone is up to the task please let me know...
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    SPY 007 Captured

    Didn't know TAD Gear sold Greek patches :P The writing basicaly says "If you want it come and take it" which was used by the Spartans hence the spartan short swords. Btw great light :P Too bad i can never find a good enough excuse to spend so much money on a light...
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    Tritium Ti Ring.

    If you put pink tritium on the table i am in for one for the Mrs :)
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    **LD01 SS Edition Serial Number Registry**

    0LC24X01192 No problems at all, still on the original battery i installed :)
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    Sold/Expired °°°°°SOLD! Ti Killer from PhotonFanatic / Ti McGizmo Clip / FREE SHIPPING!!!°°°°°

    Re: °°°°°ON HOLD! Ti Killer from PhotonFanatic / Ti McGizmo Clip / FREE SHIPPING!!!°° Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #84492406438493541)