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  1. joshk

    [Review] 219b R9080 in A6

    So I have a BLF A6 that I mod'd by replacing the stock emitter with a "NICHIA 219B NVSL219BT-V1 4000k sw40 d220 L2 r9080" This is the nearest match to the "SST-20 4000K review":! I just posted yesterday...
  2. joshk

    [Review] SST-20 in FW3A is divine!

    I've gotten a little... um... "devoted" to high CRI lately. So I bought a spectrometer to help wade through the waters. I've also been dying to see the SST-20's for myself after reading so much about their awesomeness. So I bought a FW3A. And WOW. They are divine. They hug the BBL excellent...