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    Modifying a trailtech light housing for diving?

    Anyone ever try this? Is the glass thick enough?
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    XML dive light build. Non maglight build.

    Watching all the action on here i decided to be unique and try something new. The battery i built with PCB(prebuilt), the dive light i rebuilt with an xml using the optics (for now) that came with the dive light, the canister will probably be an oms canister. I'm still waiting on the preferred...
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    llc07n xml optic

    Looking at the specs this optic seems ideal for a thrower. Anyone have success in ordering this optic? I looked everywhere on but can't find an order sheet or anything. Also any experience with this optic would be great. This is the website...
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    Driver for xml?

    I have a host, and want to fit a xml in it. Getting the xml is no problem but using a reliable driver is hell since the extra space I have, has a diameter of 1.2 inches. I know of task led drivers and know their drivers (which would give me at least 2.8 amps) won't fit. The deal extreme...
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    Watts of 5 xre drop in and xml comparison at multiple voltages.

    First off I want to say our fellow light builder thinks watts are irrelevant to leds. That the 5 xre drop in, runs off of 700 mah and 8.4 volts. This proves that amperage draw changes with voltage input. My power supply is variable voltage and amperage. The amperage draw changes up until it...
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    Parallal chargers to increase amps

    I have searched everywhere but maybe i can't put it in words what i need exactly. Can you connect two or more chargers to increase amperage charge (voltage same)? My logic says no but I have been wrong before. Any help appreciated!
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    New chinese dive flashlight through minigear? Beam looks wide, maybe okay as video lights? Anyone use these?
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    battery voltage increase question

    so i want to increase my voltage a simple way with materials i have sitting around. I want to take this battery and put it in series with this battery I know about increasing...
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    sst 90 driver for 3.7v battery for halcyon proteus 3 canister light

    Pardon my ignorance, i have been sifting through endless forum posts alllll day long and i finally decided to join and just ask. I have very little experience with soldering and drivers and leds. But i want to modify a halcyon proteus 3 hid to accommodate a sst 90. so basicaly i need a new...