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    Sold/Expired Clearance PRICE DROP!! WTS BOKER, SOG fixed blade

    BOKER Applegate Fairbain $100....$90....Now only 55!!!! Never used to cut, edge perfect, finish wear from sheathing/unsheathing. Custom Kydex sheath and original. SOG SEAL Team Elite $75.....$65....Now Only $40!!!!! Used very little, edge in excellent condition, small amount of coating flaked...
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    Sold/Expired Clearance PRICE DROP! WTS ZT, SPYDERCO folders

    ZT 0350sw. SOLD $100....$ only 65!!!!! Never used to cut anything, blade edge perfect. Only carried a week or two. Excellent condition (slight wear on pocket clip) SPYDERCO DELICA 4 Stainless $70 OBO...$60... now only 40!!!!! Never used to cut anything (except myself once), blade & edge...
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    Sold/Expired Clearance PRICE DROP. WTS, Surefire TITAN Plus

    SUREFIRE TITAN PLUS $60..... $50! Now $35!!!! 300 lumens nickel plated brass. Rarely used or carried. Good condition w/new lithium primary.