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    V54 Lumintop Tool AAA with Streamlight Microstream tailcap / pocket clip

    Hey guys, I've been on quite the hiatus from the forum, I guess I got burnt out but I've rekindled my love of flashlights lately. A few years ago Vinh was modifying Lumintop Tool AAA's, and I picked one up. It runs on a 10440 and is a real little lumen monster. My major complaint was the pocket...
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    Lightweight headlamp

    So, I just returned from what I can only describe as the most trying and miserable field op of my life during my five years in the Marine Corps. We were in the mountains of Vermont, with way too much gear, in some pretty adverse conditions. To save on weight I took with me my S1 Baton (which...
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    Help a Marine find a headlamp for cold weather

    Hey gents, So I just got back from a one week field op. I took my S1 Baton with me, because of it's versatility, long runtimes, and light weight. It performed like a champ. The magnetic tail cap came in incredibly handy. We were on the back of some seven ton trucks, and the rear flap was down...
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    Sold/Expired WTT Olight M2X-UT

    I've had it for just over a month, and it's only come out the box. This was my first thrower, and I can't say I really have a need or desire for a thrower. It was a bit of an impulse buy for me. I'll ship it with the original hard plastic cased box, which contains user information, a belt...
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    Random questions

    Rather than start a new thread on each of these questions, I figured it would be easier to consolidate them all here. I'm sure between all the expertise and knowledge on the site someone will be able to answer them. Thanks! Question 1: In regards to heat output, will say for example, a 1000...
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    Highest CRI Penlight

    What is the highest CRI penlight currently available, whether it be from a traditional vendor or custom made? Cheers.
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    Cheers to Olight

    It's taken a month, but I just received word that they have shipped me a brand new M10 Maverick, after mine stopped working unexpectedly after about six months of use. Thanks Olight!
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    Have you made a convert of anyone into a Flashaholic?

    As flashlight enthusiasts, I know we all love the chance to get to use our lights. Often times it attracts the attention of other people, who sometimes inquire about them. Have any of you ever made a convert, if you will, of someone whose idea of a high quality flashlight was the $20.00 cheapo...
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    Rationale behind wide voltage acceptance and low voltage variation.

    This is a little bit more of a technical question, but what is the rationale behind some lights being able to accept a very large variation of voltages, while others are confined to a very small range? I know this has to do with the driver, but wouldn't it make more sense to be able to accept a...
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    Any planned updates to Nitecore SRT series?

    So I'm eyeballing the Nitecore SRT5 right now, and I was just wondering if anybody knew of any plans or rumors to make an update to this line of lights, as they're a couple of years old now. Thanks guys.
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    What are my options to upgrade SF E1l

    Greetings all, I've got an older Surefire E1l, with a KX1 head on it. It's dual mode, 5 lumens low, 45 on high. It's got a lot of sentimental value, but I don't carry it anymore because it just can't perform like some of my newer lights. Do I have any options to upgrade it? If so, what sort of...
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    *New* Thrunite Ti5 Single AAA clicky

    So I just did a little snooping on Thrunite's website and came across this... Specs on the Thrunite website The Ti5 is a very compact and lightweight “penlight” style LED flashlight, which is small but bright (give output up to 120 lumens just using a single AAA battery), simple but...
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    Help me find my ideal EDC light!

    So here's the scoop. I started off EDC'ing a Surefire E1L Outdoorsman with a K1X head on it about four years ago when I first joined the military. I loved it, and still do. I eventually lost it, and picked up an Olight M10 Maverick because of the UI. In my opinion it's almost the perfect EDC for...
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    Hey there from Ohio, USA

    Well, let me first explain when and where my first contact with higher end flashlights began. I had just graduated from boot camp down at Parris Island in September of 2011, and had a few days back at home to relax with the family before I shipped off to infantry school. Our drill instructors...