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    Green Creative Titanium 4.0 bulbs- anyone tried these?

    I've been eyeing the 4000k versions of this 75W and this 100W equivalent bulb. I like that they're efficient at 98.3/100 lumens/watt respectively. They're also rated for fully enclosed fixtures and the 100W is smaller than the Cree. Yet I can't find much about these on the 'net- do they have...
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    Brighter Philips 11W revision

    I ran into a new revision of the Philips 60W equivalent A19 bulb. It looks to be more efficient at 880lm vs. 830lm for the same power. Look for a green stripe at the bottom instead of the usual purple. This must be very recent because I bought four of the 830lm variety a few days ago at another...