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    fenix pd35 running vary hot!

    hi,my fenix PD-35 seems to be running vary hot in its high mode! fact is this light runs hotter then all my other torches i own,and i was wondering why this is!i use ether a nightcore 18650/3400mah/3.7v or AW/IMR 18650/2200MAH 3.7v,man this sucker runs hot,any one no why this is!i have used...
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    6P size strorage box/case!!

    hi guys,i have alot of lights sitting all over my house!and i am looking for away to store them in one place! most of these lights are of the surefire 6P size or smaller,i was thinking of a pelican case of some kind!maybe to store six at once and have three of them,i would love to see how others...
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    p60 question pleses!

    howdy guys, i have a little problem! i'm trying to fit a solarforce LC-XML U2 three mode drop in in one of my surefire 6P's,and the front lens will not screw down all the way! i never had problems with any other solarforce drop-in's before,but this one is a little larger then most,my question is...
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    P60 heatsink help

    newbe question! i'm looking for the best way to heatsink my P60 drop-in's,do just role up some tin foil or invest in some type of thin brass the stuff that comes in a role!and will this also make a better contact for the LED!sorry for the dumb question!sorta new at this flashlight thing,thank...
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    surefire EB1 or E1D!

    i have been thinking about getting a new surefire light to add to my collection lately!but i'm can't seem to make up my mind about witch one!as i can't afford both at this time,i like the looks of the E1D and its 300 lumen output,fact is i like every thing about the E1D,but the EB1 is about half...
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    pocket friendly light!

    i don't have a pocket light that you would call a EDC light! so i have been looking at this two,the lumentop tool and a eagletac D25-C,witch of these two would serve me best!there both around the same price and feel there of the same quality,could you please give me any advice as to witch one...
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    solarforce flashlights

    i just put together these two solarforce's L2 and L2T and used solarforce drop in's,really is a grate 6P host at a fabulous price i think!just wanted to show some pic's hear on the forum,thank for looking.:wave:http://
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    AR coated lens question!

    hello guys,where could i find some AR coated front lens for 6P style flashlight! i have some solarforce L2T and L2-P i would like to replace the stock lens with a coated glass!i have seen it on other solarforce mods hear on the forum,but don't no where to begin looking for this type of front...
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    AW/IMR battery's!

    how would one no if the red 18650's are real or couterfit! i mean my nightcore's have there indorsement all over there battery's,the AW/IMR have none of this,this new set i got has the old AW with black backgrown,somewhere i read they changed to a white hollow grame with black letter(AW)i mean...
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    led question please!

    hi guys,i own some surefire's 6P and i would like to switch out the stock bulb with a led,something like a cree xml t5 or 6 could be 800 or 950 lumen drop in module! what would be a good brand to get,i'm not looking to spend lots of $ on a malkoff that cost $60. at this time!just a long lasting...
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    surefire 6P question please!

    hi guys,as i own 3 surefire 6P's i have had for about 15 or more years now!and i think its one of surefire's best with its drop-in LED,love it because its a upgradable system,and i no not all surefire flashlight's are made this way any more!my question is douse surefire sill make the 6P!or do...
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    hi,i was just wondering the total number of surefire flashlights people have!over the past 15 years i have owned 7 surefire's,i really love the brand because its so well built and made to last,and its also one of a handful that are USA.made! i like other brands made over sea's also like...
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    solarforce L2-P

    any one own a solarforce L2-P! i have two surefire P6 i have had for about 15 years now!and they have never failed me,but i have noticed they have gone up in price,even though i think they are old stock! so i thought i would get a solarforce L2-P to use as a host flashlight for some of my...
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    new to the forum

    hi guys, i'm new to this forum!i don't own a tun of flashlights,hear are some i have,#1 is a surefire 6PX-pro #2 is my new klarus XT-11 and #3 a small stremlight micro,and last is my mag-light 3-D i have owned for about 25 years! i just would like to say howdy and its nice to be hear on the forum.:)