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  1. Jash

    Your Oldest LED Flashlight?

    Four Sevens Quark 2AA and Fenix TK-40. I have an original Maglite LED bulb from whenever they first came out, but I don’t think it counts as you can still use it with an incandescent bulb if you’ve got one. That would be my oldest LED emitter.
  2. Jash

    Fenix E01 V2 ?

    Three mode twisty that can’t tail stand. Why would Fenix call this an EO1, because it’s not. Poor form Fenix. I won’t be buying any. However I was lucky enough to scoop up three new, original EO1’s recently from a local vendor.
  3. Jash

    Ideas for a “dream” cell storage solution

    One of those fishing tackle organisers with the removable dividers works a treat. You can space them for smaller cells (CR123, AAA, AA) and for larger cells (D, 18650, 22650, 26650). I have a Shimano branded one I bought years ago and I’ve not found a need to replace it. It’s about 9” x 14” X...
  4. Jash

    Fenix E03R - coolest Fenix keylight ever (260 lumens, Type-C, 200mah, 5500K)

    Getting one of these for each member of the family. That way there is zero need for me to ever check batteries, coz you know they don’t, but they can easily plug this into their laptops once a week or month for a quick top up.
  5. Jash

    Suggestions please: single cell thrower for SAR

    I second the Thrunite Catapult V6. It’s nicer to hold than a single 18650 light and the built in charger is great. Super simple UI. Throws a nice solid beam a long way. Comes in neutral white. Having used mine for a few weeks now, I can say that it will run on HIGH without stepping down. This...
  6. Jash

    Fenix BE AMAZED! The New Fenix LD42 LED Flashlight Upgrade is Released

    Come on Fenix, start offering neutral white as an option for all your lights. I stopped buying Fenix because of this very thing. I do love my neutral LD40 from back in the day. Still going strong with its plastic body, but please, more neutral.
  7. Jash

    Significant, Inexpensive Maglite Upgrade

    Yeah, that 800 lumen kit looks good value too. Would work well in a 2D running a couple of 18650’s or 26650’s if you have them.
  8. Jash

    Japanese Eneloops

    Black tops, 2350mah. Shrink wrap says Made in Japan. I have some older Duracell’s that are rebranded Eneloops, but all Duracell rechargeables available here are now made in China.
  9. Jash

    Good budget P60 host

    Yeah, I’d like a Surefire 6p. Do you have a link for that sale?
  10. Jash

    Good budget P60 host

    I remember Solarforce used to make good P60 hosts. Are they still available or is there anything else out there? I recently upgraded my Malkoff MD2 and have a perfectly working older M61 head I’d like to repurpose as an emergency light for the car.
  11. Jash

    Do you hate it when the batteries rattle?

    Wrap them in a piece of paper or thin cardboard. Does the job no worries. And yes, battery rattle really bothers me. On the LD 40/41 I heated the plastic battery holder and bent it inwards a little to hold the cells more securely. They are harder to get out, but no battery rattle.
  12. Jash

    Japanese Eneloops

    Anyone know where I can get Japanese Eneloops? Australia has only been importing the Chinese Eneloops for a few years now and I don’t want Chinese Eneloops. I can get ni-mh cells that are made in Japan, but they are not as good at holding their charge as LSD Eneloops. They are Energizer branded...
  13. Jash

    Fenix Fenix HM23 Compact LED Headlamp: Your New Go-To Hiking and Running Headlamp

    Oh wow! I was about to order five of these until I saw that runtime chart. Poor Fenix, poor. Will have to look at something else.
  14. Jash

    Light Review: FOURSEVENS Quark Click QK2A-X (2xAA)

    Yeah, nothing at all interesting about Quarks any more. They used to be my favourite light, but they got so much wrong going away from the original format. And they are being left for dead by other manufacturers offering more for less.
  15. Jash

    Do You Always Have a Flashlight On Your Person?

    Not on my person as such, but I’m rarely never more than arms reach or a few steps from one no matter what I’m doing. I take my EDC bag everywhere with me, so there’s always at least two in there plus a headlamp. They’re everywhere around the house and in the cars. The only time I might not be...
  16. Jash

    All-round light to keep in car.

    I keep a Fenix E21 in the car loaded with lithium primaries plus a four pack of lithiums as back up. It works for me.
  17. Jash

    Fenix Vote Now - Best Fenix of the Decade

    PD35 is probably the best general flashlight I own due to its size, simple UI, spacing of modes and a fantastic beam profile for almost every task.
  18. Jash

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Thrunite Catapult NW should be here next week. Got a Malkoff M61 upgrade yesterday. Noticeable increase in brightness compared to the original XP-G emitter. This one is just white (if not slightly pink), no blue, with a better hot spot (no donut effect), making the transition from hotspot to...
  19. Jash

    Which small thrower

    Pulled the trigger on the Catapult NW. Should be here next week.
  20. Jash

    Which small thrower

    Looking at either the Lumintop GT mini or Thrunite Catapult. I’m a Fenix fan for their undoubted reliability and have never purchased either Lumintop of Thrunite. This is my birthday present to myself. Want a small light that throws like crazy, so if you’ve got any other suggestions sub $100...