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    Benchmade Bugout 535GRY-1

    Hey everybody, I made a quick and concise video on the specs on the Benchmade Bugout. Before I bought the knife, I watched 20 plus videos and they were all really long and I thought maybe some people would be interested in "just the facts" If anybody wants to check it out, here it is:
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    Interesting story on the origin of the Becker BK14 EsKabar

    Hey guys, my favorite neck knife is the Becker BK14 aka the EsKabar. What's not to like? 1095 HC, it's affordable good balance to edge retention and easy t sharpen back up. Nice sized blade for a neck knife. The handle is comfortable and heavily skeletonized to save weight. For me, it's a great...
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    Knife Revew: Kizer Begleiter Folding Knife in VG10

    I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and finish of this knife. Nice attention to details and good steel. I like VG10, great rust resistance and easy to sharpen- good thing i like to sharpen knives. Full disclaimer: I won this knife in a random giveaway on Instagram. I wasn't asked to...
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    Anyone else carry a Silky BigBoy for camping and backpacking?

    Hi guys, I made a video review of the Silky Big Boy 2000 XL that I'd like to share with you guys and get your thoughts on. I personally feel in love with it. I've used several others: Bahco, Fiskars, and some other brands you can get at home improvement stores. Man this thing cuts through...
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    My first backpacking tent! Vargo stove, fatwood, and hiking action!

    I usually car camp and bring really heavy gear with me, but this summer I decided to venture deeper into the woods and try to see what lies beyond the road. At 5 lbs this tent isn't considered "ultra light" by any means. Next time I'm going to leave the tent pegs and tent footprint at home to...
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    Hello from California

    Hi guys I'm Dave from California and I'm into bushcraft, survival, hiking, and the outdoors. So that kinda forces me to be a gear junkie. I've been lurking on here for years and have learned a lot from all the members. You guys have helped me pick out some really great flashlights. I...