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    Using LED PWM and The Rolling Shutter Effect to calculate RPM

    Hi guys and girls, Not sure if this is the right place for it but it seems like it. Basically what the title says - I have a new spinning top that can spin really REALLY fast, especially if spun up to speed with an air compressor. During the speed up I notice that even to the naked eye I can...
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    Copper Electroplating Bare Metal Hosts

    Hi, I'm interested in doing some copper electroplating on my aluminium Mac Tri EDC. The original cerakote coating is all gone and it's just bare Aluminium. I know there's 2 ways I could go about this. I could do each part individually or I could plate the whole flashlight assembled and...
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    GITD Silicone Bands

    Hey guys, I'm looking for flat GITD bands that I can stretch tight over my Mac Tri EDC. Over the black sections and other recesses. I've had a good little search around but can't find anything so was wondering if I could plumb body of knowledge here with you guys. I was looking at o-rings...
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    Kia Rio LED Addition

    Nothing fancy here guys, just wanted to show off my Kia Rios LED bar. In Australia (and probably most places in the world) these LED bars are usually for 4WD and pickups. Well I love LED's and after installing them into my dads HILUX I just had to have them on my daily driver. I live out in an...
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    Using the SR96 Intimidator Battery (+7000mAh) to charge devices?

    Hi guys, Can I get some advice on buying or building a little adapter that I can plug into my SR96 battery to charge my various devices via USB? Cheers Dave
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    Olight SR96 Intimidator Aspheric Adapter Head

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd post a thread on a new project for my newly acquired SR96. I love the beam and the flood of this unit. It's very practical for use. But I also want to be able to get some further distance out of this thing along with the sheer lumen power. The plan is to make a...
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    Custom Programming the Olight SR96 Intimidator

    Hi All. Just a quick probe into the unknown - does anyone know if the SR96 can be reprogrammed? I know it's on my way as a Christmas gift from my family. EDIT: As in, can it be DIY programmed by changing the internals? Or has anyone in the forum done it before? D
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Tri EDC Light Engine (LE)

    Hi all. I've discovered that one of the emitters in my Tri edc neutral XPE2 LE has become faulty. It has a crack in the dome and some of the emitter has been scrapped off the base as can be seen in the pictures. It is operational but has a reduced output. The result is lower intensity and...
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    Lifetime expectancy of a LE for Tri EDC

    Hey guys just wondering if there was any info that was passed around about the running times of the TriEDC LE over the course of its whole life. How much usage can I expect out of my baby? Cheers
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    Carclo Throw Optics?

    Pretty simple question but I did a quick google and didnt find anything. Do Carclo or some other manufacturer make triple throw optics for the Mac TriEDC (10507). Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Brightest OTF Lumens for Size.

    Hi All. With a few wisdom teeth recently ripped out I wanted to fill my time productively. This kind of thread may have been tried already but I have not yet come across it. What is the brightest handheld LED flashlight for size? It doesn't matter about run times, longevity, tint or whether...
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    Cerakote Application & Removal Method - ADDED PROGRESS SHOTS

    Hi all. To those who have their Mac's cerakoted (and to Mac as well), do you know which method is used to apply the cerakote, or if it's actually genuine cerakote? From what I'm reading ALL over the internet and in many other forums, oven-baked cerakote is practically resistant to any damage...
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    Hi all, I was looking for dimensions for some lights, but have recently been in direct contact with Don and have withdrawn this request out of respect for his work. Dave
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    Brightest, longest lasting G.I.T.D stickers?

    Hi everybody, Just a nice quick thread asking about GITD stickers that I wish to stick on the a lux-rc triple led board in my Tri EDC? Can I get guidance on the best stickers and where to acquire them? Ultra Green or ultra blue are preferable. I have already browsed sites like glowinc and...
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    Handy Advice for EDC'rs out there.

    Hi guys, Just some advice I thought I'd give to the members who edc a flashlight they love very much. I recently bought a TriEDC from Mac and loved it so much I ACTUALLY edc it rather than leave it as a shelf queen. After reading about many people losing their favourite edc due to breaking...
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    Sold/Expired WTB/LF: McGizmo or Mac Customs Pocket Clip

    Looking for a Pocket clip from either the McGizmo or Mac Customs flashlights. Any material, used or new, as long as its compatible with a Tri EDC or Haiku. I know that I could buy one from Mac for $29 or from McGizmo(?) But I plan on modifying it so I'm trying to get one cheaper. Got one to...
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    Sold/Expired D2000's 3D Modelling Service - RENDERS ADDED!

    Hi Flashaholics and DIY Enthusiasts. I'm a 4th year Industrial Design student in Australia with over 150 hours of experience with CAD software. Have you ever wanted to see your design in a polished format but lack the software/computer skills or time to learn? Or perhaps you are crazy about...
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    4D Mag-lite Mod Suggestions

    Hi all. I've got an old 4D mag that my father used to use when he was a security guard but has since been unused for many years. I want to take it out of retirement and put it to some good use. I trust that many experienced modders and cpf's will have some great things to say on the matter...
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    Anodizing Services in Sydney Australia?

    Hi Australians, Does anyone know of any, used any or run any anodizing services in Sydney Australia, or Australia in general? I'm quite set on getting a proper Hard Anodize finish on a few lights and am looking for a place to do them. If this thread is in the wrong place please feel free to...
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    Sold/Expired Found: Macs Customs Tri EDC

    Hi all! Looking for the latest version of the Tri EDC with XP-G2 emitters. Cool white preferred. Aluminium or Titanium -I'm interested if the price is right. Wanna support Mac but if I can get one sooner that would be good too. Cheers, David