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    how to check if these 18650 are good and capacity ?

    When you insert your batteries into your charger, you can hit the 'mode' button until 'Charge test' appears. It will fully charge the batteries, discharge them, and then fully charge them again and display their mAh rating. Could take a while.
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    How to open Olight Javelot R20 head?

    ...Pranked by pouring water into a flashlight? ...I have questions, and that seems a bit over the top.
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    New Release! XTAR VC8, An 8 Bay QC3.0 Battery Charger / Capacity Tester

    I like the ability to be able to charge batteries to their nominal voltage for storage - Very handy. The fact this can accommodate larger protected cells is nice, too. I noticed the input power is USB C, does this accept the USB PD standard, and if so what is the input voltage and current...
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    V54 Lumintop Tool AAA with Streamlight Microstream tailcap / pocket clip

    Hey guys, I've been on quite the hiatus from the forum, I guess I got burnt out but I've rekindled my love of flashlights lately. A few years ago Vinh was modifying Lumintop Tool AAA's, and I picked one up. It runs on a 10440 and is a real little lumen monster. My major complaint was the pocket...
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    Klaruslight KLARUS XT1C Giveaways!

    XT1C, Bright Choices, Brilliant Prizes! Really hoping I win this! I'd like to do a video on it for my Youtube channel.
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    Surefire still any good?

    I've had my E1L Outdoorsman for coming up on six years, and It's still my go to light when I need something that's not going to fail me.
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    *new* Klarus XT11GT: XHP35 HI D4, 2000 lumens, 1 x 18650, distance 402 meters

    Haven't made a purchase in a while. May have to pick one of these up.
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    What flashlight brands / models can switch from low to high output in one fluid direc

    Olight SRT series. I use my SRT5 as a duty light for LE work, and love it.
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    #4 FOURSEVENS Quark Smart QSL !

    I actually shelved this light until today, when I thought I'd head over here to see how the firmware updates were going, and I'm glad I did. Very nice work with the firmware update!
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    #4 FOURSEVENS Quark Smart QSL !

    I really hope these quirks get worked out in a software update. I'm still optimistic this can be done.
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    Lightweight headlamp

    I've been eyeballing the HL50 and zebralight single CR123 headlamps for a few weeks. The only reason the red output mode is important to me is because the Marine Corps has a thing for it in 'tactical' situations. Thanks for all of the input thus far.
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    Lightweight headlamp

    The lighter the better, but I'm open to all suggestions. Ideally, under 4oz
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    #4 FOURSEVENS Quark Smart QSL !

    Any further updates?
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    Lightweight headlamp

    So, I just returned from what I can only describe as the most trying and miserable field op of my life during my five years in the Marine Corps. We were in the mountains of Vermont, with way too much gear, in some pretty adverse conditions. To save on weight I took with me my S1 Baton (which...
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    #4 FOURSEVENS Quark Smart QSL !

    So disappointed. Just got out of the field on a two week op in Vermont in the blistering cold and I was looking forward to the app finally being released. Bummer
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    Does such a UI exist?

    Check out the Quark Smart, which when the app is released shortly, will allow you to do what you're asking.
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    Anyone else gathering necessities (food, water, etc.)?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with being prepared for a natural disaster and short term scenarios. I think many people are disillusioned when it comes to long term scenarios there, where the stuff really hits the fan. I know a few preppers who have become so absorbed by prepping, that...
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    Best or worst way you killed or lost a light?

    In all likelihood, I left it laying around. There's a saying in the Corps - "Gear adrift is a gift', which basically means, don't leave your crap laying around or it's fair game.