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    Review: QTC in non-QTC El Capitan

    I received a shiny new SS El Capitan in the Christmas giveaway this year, and wanted to post my impressions so others might benefit. As the title of this thread suggests, my focus will be about how QTC functions in an older, non-QTC El Capitan. Here is a list of things I like about this light...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: QTC squares

    I'm looking for some QTC squares. All the sellers I've found are either out of stock or not accepting orders. Does anyone have some laying around that I could buy? Don't need many.
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    El Capitan Questions

    Looking for a new AA light. Someone on another thread suggested an El Capitan. I was having hard time finding information about the Peak lights, and had a few specific questions. 1. Looking to have max brightness 20-30 lumens on single eneloop. What head should I get? #4? #5? Can't find...
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    Can you recommend an AA light with these specs?

    It's time to get a new light! I've lurked CPF over the years, but I try to stay off the site as much as possible or else I'd be broke. So I only turn up every year or two, and I don't know what is currently available. The light I'm looking to replace is my trusty old Nitecore D10. For the...