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    Surefire pictures on your travels

    Looking for that old thread if its still going. Surefire France
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    Stinger led identifying what charger

    My brother in law found this on the freeway (he's a trucker) so naturally he calls me to ask about it lol. I know alot of models were made so I narrowed it down to a stinger led HP. From the smooth head looks like an older model. Is it even worth buying a charger for. Or maybe a newer model that...
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    Multiple SF backup and Lifepo4 observations

    I have been sick and bored so I set my phone timer and played around. So obviously these are just play numbers and nothing near accurate or scientific. Most of the tests took place at the same time and the house is always at 70F. All that said 90% of the run times seemed full brightness or at...
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    Sold/Expired Want to buy M6LT help a newbie get the bug

    Well I made the mistake or letting a buddy see my 2x18650 M6LT(900) and he won't stop trying to give me cash. I won't part with it unless I can find another. I got him into lights with the olight I3E, come on guys help a new flashaholic get the BUG. Cash or trade, in NW Oregon. Have tons off...
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    Sold/Expired Lost my E1d come on Bros hook me up

    Found the E1D now looking for tool vn copper So my two favorite lights are missing for 3 weeks now, my E1d and toolvn copper. Someone has a beat E1d they don't use ehhh... I'm begging, PayPal on hand. [email protected]
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    LED family staying with an old crusty Incan for the week....

    We went to the beach house (time share), so I packed a few lights for the week. I opened the nightstand drawr to toss them into and lolololed so hard. This poor little incan with mismatched alkaleek cells was sitting there. I tried to show the woman old vs new but she didn't care... I figured...
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    Just got into vape

    I just got to the vape game and am happy with the sigelei 50w. It was 49.99. I already had high drain batteries because of VN lights and a Vp2 charger so I saved a few bucks there. Went from 2 packs down to half pack a day. I need to get over the hump now. This thing is a trip, but pretty cool...
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    Surefire titan clicky prototype

    So I was messing around with a bunch of Keychain lights and created my almost perfect light. A forward clicky SF titan. My buddies and woman are not impressed but some of you may be into it. I'm thinking of running the regular titan head because of the L-M-M-H on the titan A(or B...
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    Not the best beam picture but I thought it was cool. If you look hard enough you can see the hotel getting beamed 700 yards or so away.
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    Sold/Expired WTT surefire EB1 body and tailcap And Microtech OTF knife

    Hello all, I have an EB1 body and tail that hasn't been beat on to much, some wear though. It's nice for the people who have larger hands and the E1B/E1L/E1D bodies are just to short. It's a standard forward clicky. I have a super snappy hard deployment MT ultratech from 2009 very clean and...
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    Pila 17500 protected cells? new old stock voltage...

    The seller on flea bay states these have never had a charge and are safe to do so. (I informed him they are 1 volt or under).. I'm very suspicious of someone telling me this possibly because they don't want to issue a refund. He's also saying he was a supporting vendor here,electrical this and...
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    Battery noob with .7 volts on imr ?

    I know just enough to be dangerous I'm thinking. I have 2 keeppower imr 18350s for the new MT10C. I did the beacon that's supposed to last for weeks, it was just a few days in and I had noticed it wasn't blinking....My multi meter read .7 volts. Should I just recycle and forget about it or try...
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    New EDC edition....Halloween Orange BEAST

    So I finally grabbed a nifty utx70. Very fun little bugger. Standard BIC and halo 5 for size reference. Anyone rocking one of these engineering marvels?
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    C to E adapter not working, help please.

    Hi all, I ordered a vital gear c to e adapter and I can't get the darn thing to work with any e series body. Works fine on my p60 host. The only thing I can see is the p60 inside is shiny and the adapter is anodized. Do I need to sand sometime to make a contact I wonder? The threads are starting...
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    Tow truck driver tried to hit me with his light.....oh no lol

    So heard a rukus about 2am and went to investigate. I spotted a repo truck checking my vehicles. I have the titles to them all, so I wasn't worried. But I don't like ppl checking my rides with flashlights at 2am, I came out and asked what the F is going on. He says F you and tries to blind me...
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    Trustfire 10440/ Olight i7R

    I was looking for a backup Olight branded cell, but found some cheapo cells (9.50 shipped for a 4 pack) I figured I would try. The trustfire cells were a little shorter but do have protection. I checked them on my DMM and they were reading 3.95/96. I figured why not run one without a top off. I...
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    Anyone into exotic leather? Holsters, wallets, pouches?

    A few years ago I quit smoking and as a present to myself I for some reason wanted an Ostrich wallet. The search took me high and low. I ended up settling on a gucci full quill wallet. Since then I have a few custom holsters added to my small collection for firearms/knives. So far just ostrich...
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    Surefire experts needed

    I have searched and searched, I still cannot answer my question. How do I tell the E2LAA 3/80 VS the newer 5/115 lumens. My local pawn has one if it hasn't already sold. Do they run different heads? Could I tell from serial numbers? Appreciate any help. I don't mind the older model but there...
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    Sold/Expired I need an E series single cell body.

    Hi all, I'm looking to ditch the huge EB1 tube. Looking for an E1B or E1D if it's SF. If aftermarket, let me know what you have. I'm not picky just getting some use out of lego parts.
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    The woman is tired of hearing about lights/batteries😮

    Hey all, I'm here in Oregon. Finally created an account rather than just lurking. Over the last year I have gotten the light bug pretty bad. I'm a car guy(Fords), gun(Beretta) and blade guy(Microtech) also. Now onto lights, the woman is sick of it so here I am👍