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  1. guncollector

    Post your bicycle pics

    Funny you should mention that. Originally, I had 2 HED 3's (front & rear) on my P2K. Then, I came across a great deal on the Powertap SL/Zipp 404 combo. If you think custom flashlights are expensive, try cycling powermeters and Zipp wheels on for size. Yikes! Anyway, I sold the rear HED 3...
  2. guncollector

    I thought Surefires were waterproof... years past you were able to order a 6-PN which according to Surefire is water-resistant to 30-meters. The "N" designator I understand was for "Navy", as these units were designed to the Navy's specifications and requirements. I know this, because I purchased a 6-PN directly from...
  3. guncollector

    Post your bicycle pics

    On a different note, here's my Time Trial (aka Tri Bike), a 2004 Cervelo P2K. It's got mix of Dura-Ace and Ultegra components. On the front is an HED 3 Carbon-fiber trispoke wheel (aero and bombproof) and on the rear is a Zipp 404 laced to PowerTap SL (powermeter and computer) hub. Here's...
  4. guncollector

    Any other Ham Operators into Lights on CPF?

    Tech license only, perhaps General when I have more time to study. I do enjoy operating on 2m/440. 73 de KG6AHU
  5. guncollector

    List your folders, fixed blades and multi-tools.

    Funny you should ask, as was just inventorying everything in order to thin out the herd. Current collection, not including multi-tools, consists of: Fixed Blade (2) Becker Knife & Tool Companion Becker Knife & Tool Magnum Camp (Jerry Fisk design) Becker Knife & Tool Patrol Machete Blackjack...
  6. guncollector

    Best "Go-Bag" I've Owned, USN/Spartan Bag

    Personally, I don't see anything terribly exciting about the knife, other than its big-screen connection. Okay, so its another high-quality auto knife, but A2 steel...yawn. Now, this was exciting for me, because there wasn't really anything like it on the market. I thought Kilmer was great as...
  7. guncollector

    Why are prices erased after point of sale on lights?

    B/S/T is provided as a service to the CPF community. But, it cannot be all things for everyone--and it certainly will never be a perfect "secondary market value"-research tool because enforcing a "leave the price"-policy is simply untenable. Let me make this clear: there will not be any...
  8. guncollector

    RIP Ken Lay, dies of a heart attack in Aspen, CO.

    [Moderator: I'm going to let this thread stay open for now. Ken Lay, "good guy" or "corporate-malfeasance-posterboy", deserves at the very least some dignity in death. If this turns into a dancing-on-Lay's-grave thread, it will be shut down immediately--we should all be above that. Note...
  9. guncollector

    Wife unknowingly a flashaholic!

    True story: last night there was a problem with the trash compactor. My wife asked for a flashlight to check it out. The nearest light was a M*glite 3D with Carley Xenon bulb, so I turn it on and hand it to her. She then proceeded to ask my why I gave her such a crappy light to work with...
  10. guncollector

    Best "Go-Bag" I've Owned, USN/Spartan Bag

    Bro, you're going to dig it! You'll have the tacticoolest diaper bag around! BTW, when did you order yours? And did you prepay? I believe if you ordered early, it was $140.00 shipped. Hmmm....perhaps they so backordered that they're not listing it on the website? I know there is a 20+...
  11. guncollector

    Best "Go-Bag" I've Owned, USN/Spartan Bag

    Okay, so I have a tactical-nylon fetish. I admit it. I've owned, and tried, just about every Go-Bag (aka Bugout-Bag) on the market. And this one beats everything else I've tried: It's the UsualSuspect.Net/Spartan Bag. The actual bag is in the right hand column of the collage above...
  12. guncollector

    Would you wear a man bag for your EDC?

    Yes... Maxpedition Fatboy (less stuff) or Diamondback Tactical E&E Bag (more stuff)
  13. guncollector

    Rolex or Omega or Breitling or Panerai

    Not quite correct. I am wearing the Submariner 16610LV (50th Anniversary edition), right now. This model debuted the new larger hour indices, so that makes it different that previous Submariners. However, IIRC, this new dial configuration will appear on all Submariners made after the debut of...
  14. guncollector

    Rolex or Omega or Breitling or Panerai

    If value-retention is a concern, then you're only sure bets are Patek Philippe and Rolex. And, yes, Panerai is also up there, but they are a relatively-speaking a newer player--and 15-20 years down the road...who knows? No other production watches over thier "range of offerings"--as opposed to...
  15. guncollector

    gold plated watch get scratch easily?

    Re: White Gold White gold is yellow gold with a rhodium/platinum-alloy plating to make it white. They may have used other precious-metal alloys in the past. Re: denser stainless steel band For the ultimate, I understand the new Sinn U-series divers' casing and bracelets are made with...
  16. guncollector

    gold plated watch get scratch easily?

    For me, gold or platinum watches are "special occasion" timepieces. Sure, they'll eventually get scratches--but these become character marks after years of special occasions. For everyday wear, if you work with your hands, the lustre of gold or platinum will quickly become a "brushed" look...
  17. guncollector

    Need advice on getting into the AR-15 scene

    Buy the receiver, then assemble your own rifle: Here's an article I wrote almost 10 years ago on the process, entitled "A Prospective AR-15 Owner/Builder's Primer". Over the years its simply become known as "An AR-15 Primer", and is mirrored on many of the gun-centric forums. The legal stuff...
  18. guncollector

    New custom knife, Mayo Beefy-T!

    Check out this one-of-a-kind custom (actually a pair of one-of-a-kind customs, a matched-set of lefty & righty) TNT with damascus and ivory: I insisted on taking a picture of it when I saw it! This is not mine, but was made for another buddy of Tom's in S.F.
  19. guncollector

    New custom knife, Mayo Beefy-T!

    $650.00. Plus the wait, about a year. Tom just happened to be coming through SF, so he hooked me up.