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  1. Bob_G

    Just A Pic - Aleph Lego

    The tube was an experiment with fluting by TranquillityBase that I lucked into. You have to keep your eye on him, never know what he'll pop up with.
  2. Bob_G

    Just A Pic - Aleph Lego

    It started as an A19 XR-E from the shoppe by way of CY. Now it's not. The tube is a one-off 18650 from TB which I love, and I put a regular ol' McR19 in the head which works better for me (had to sand down the big end just a little.) It pleases me :)
  3. Bob_G

    An Unusual History of LED at Economist

    Nice article of the history, thanks for posting. The conclusion is silly of course, unless you contain your view to middle of the road applications. some of the best home audio equipment available is tube based, and many recording artists seek out tube mics and decks. LEDs will most likely...
  4. Bob_G

    WXOS star

    Yeah, I don't know what causes it, but sometimes one of my lights will mess up and run so low that you can't see any light being emitted, but if you stick your eyeball right on the lens, you can see the LED glowing. I'm probably in for a nasty surprise one of these days.
  5. Bob_G

    WXOS star

    No offense, but did you check the battery?
  6. Bob_G

    "Milk Carton Tests" - U2, L5, F2, Error E2L, Aleph, etc.

    Great post, thanks for doing the work :)
  7. Bob_G

    Lux 5 vf chart?

    What cratz2 said. Your best bet would be 2x123 primaries or if you can get a 1x18650 tube that would work too. If you're willing to run a longer tube, then you need to change your order to a DB750, then you can run whatever 2-4xLi-Ion you want.
  8. Bob_G

    Peak Matterhorn AAA (lack of grip) issue & what I did to fix it (pics added)

    Re: Peak Matterhorn AAA issue Here's mine. I put the head thingie on to kill some of the peripheral artifacts, but it makes a great grip enhancer. The o-rings fall on my middle and ring finger. Works for me.
  9. Bob_G

    CR2 ION turnaround?

    Not me, but I've followed the development of HarryN's side by side CR2 light, and he found that with the flood setup (he is working on an optic and a reflector design) the Cree did better - more floody in other words. That's one of the reasons I was attracted to the CR2 Ion, it's use of the Cree...
  10. Bob_G

    CR2 ION turnaround?

  11. Bob_G

    CR2 ION turnaround?

    This simply isn't true in my experience, and I was flabbergasted when I first read it. I have a JIL 1.3 UP and a CR2 Ion, one each. The beam of the JIL is well chosen, a nice fat spot as Powernoodle says. The beam of the CR2 Ion is as close as I've seen (along with the McR-19) to a pure flood...
  12. Bob_G

    CR2 ION turnaround?

    I bought a second one. You either get floods or you don't I guess. The JIL has an excellent compromise beam for a small light I think, very broad spot, and if it was two way mechanically I might not have even looked at the CR2 Ion. I'm glad I did though. Feel in hand is important to me, and I...
  13. Bob_G

    How do you carry your CR2 Ion ?

    In my pocket with a lanyard. It's the first light I consistently use with a lanyard, mostly because it's so easy to grab out of the pocket by just grabbing the lanyard and yanking it out :) I have a JIL on the keychain, but keychain lights for me are a redundant backup, i.e. I pretty much never...
  14. Bob_G

    good <$15 light?

    I know this was asked in the LED forum, but the best sub $20 light for me is the Princeton Tec Tec40 with the Mag 3C/D bulb. Great compromise beam, enough light for most purposes, dive rated, comfortable, AA bats, and if you frost the bulb (I used a Dremel) a surprisingly artifact free beam.
  15. Bob_G

    Grip Tape ideas needed for Jil Intelli...

    I don't know how many body variations there are, but on my 1.3 UP. the 3 grooves make a perfect home for 015 0-rings. They really help for me.
  16. Bob_G

    KL4 + 3x123 Primary?

    George, Assuming proper current regulation, the Lux doesn't care what the battery voltage is. The average LuxV needs around ~6.5V or better to achieve it's spec 700mA of current. I'm not familiar with the Smartfire, but with a "U" or higher Vf, a LuxV could run direct without problem on R123...
  17. Bob_G

    KL4 + 3x123 Primary?

    Thanks. Found the FAQ at LightHound and he says it definitely wouldn't work.
  18. Bob_G

    KL4 + 3x123 Primary?

    I have a spare 3x123 tube and am trying to think of something to do with it. Anyone know for sure if this works? I'm worried about confusing or frying the regulation.
  19. Bob_G

    Just me again!

    Linkage repaired
  20. Bob_G

    Best EDC for about 300 bucks?

    Peak Matterhorn and a whole s**t load of batteries?