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    Sold/Expired H600w XM-L 18650 Headlamp Neutral White $60

    Re: SC600w Mk III 18650 Flashlight with Neutral White High Intensity XHP35 $70 Sorry guy's had this one mislabeled.
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    Sold/Expired H600w XM-L 18650 Headlamp Neutral White $60

    Headlamp show's normal signs of wear which can be seen in pictures. Used it for about 3 year's, work's great just working on upgrading to a newer version. Comes with original box and paper's, I will also include a tenergy 2600mah protected battery with it. $60 shipped.
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    Sold/Expired Zebralight H502pr Photo Red AA Flood Headlamp With Original Accessories $55

    In like new condition, comes with all original accessories and box. $55 shipped
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    Sold/Expired Zebralight H502pr Photo Red AA Flood Headlamp $55

    Sold, thanks for the prompt payment will get it shipped out asap. Hopefully early afternoon today.
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    Sold/Expired Zebralight H502pr Photo Red AA Flood Headlamp $55

    In like new condition, does not include box or pocket clip, everything included is in the pic's. $55 Shipped!
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    It's here the Zebralight SC5C MK II H CRI

    [emoji1360] I placed my preorder about 30 min ago, can't wait to get one of these bad boys, frickin love my zebralights!
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    Which one for fishing for walleye at night? I guess my real question is what is the difference between red and photo red?
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    Rough Estimate Of What This Flashlight Is Worth

    Flashlight is in like new condition I purchased it 5/11/11 still looks brand new only carried it a few times, still have original purchase receipt and all papers and packaging that came with it. EDC Custom Rotary Item# Cr200BsbLsB123F, Description: silver bezel with black body, 200 lumens...
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    Terralux TLH-50 Battery Question

    Awesome, thanks for the help!
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    Terralux TLH-50 Battery Question

    Really? I thought it said just cr123 work.
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    RCR123 & Charger

    Sweet, thanks for the recommendation's guys!
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    Terralux TLH-50 Battery Question

    Can you use rechargeable 123's with these headlamps?
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    RCR123 & Charger

    Just looking for a decent care free charger. What about cottonpicker charger? I have one but I also charge 18650's. He'll just be using 123's. Leaning towards aw rcr123's, I've always had good luck with these batteries.
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    RCR123 & Charger

    Looking for some recommendations for 4 rcr123's and a good charger for my brothers terralux headlamp.
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    What would you buy? Money not an issue.

    Second the HDS Rotary such great lights.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Excellent choice, you'll love it.
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    Zebralight SC600 MKII L2 - anything better on the horizon?

    I just ordered, well should say pre-ordered, the new Armytek Wizard Pro XM-L2 (Warm 90CRI) I'm not saying it's better but wanted to try something different, that and I love high cri lights!
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Lol, I work in the oilfield, directional drilling. Sleep is very important to us, we don't get much of it, so I have to be as courteous as humanly possible.