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  1. RCS1300

    HDS HDS company stopped working ?

    HDS is a solid person and Company. When in doubt, I would order more lights now than you originally ordered so that if a delay happens again at least you will have several lights in house. I think I have six HDS lights in house right now and always keeping an eye on his new LED offerings.
  2. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    You are absolutely right. Products do and should get less expensive over time with learning, efficiencies, and lower cost of inputs. Most products today are disposable. Most come with a one year limited warranty and you throw it away when it breaks - dryers, washing machines, toasters, etc...
  3. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    I purchase Henry's lights because they are assembled by Henry and his team in the United States. Imported flashlights have zero value to me for EDC. I can wait.
  4. RCS1300

    HDS Be On the Lookout for...

    I am actively seeking special run HDS lights and will keep an eye out for yours. Hopefully, they were simply misplaced and will show up.
  5. RCS1300

    WTB HDS Titanium with High Noon LED

    WTB a HDS titanum Rotary with a high noon Nichia 219C 5700K LED.
  6. RCS1300

    HDS Samsung High CRI 5700K LED?

    Katie, my rescue dog in the picture to the left, asked me if, in the next two years, I could get one of these Samsung 5700K HiCRI led's in a titanium Rotary.
  7. RCS1300

    HDS Rotary LED selection

    I suggest considering the SDR50. I had the 219b 4500 and 219b 4000. The SDR 5000 will give you a cleaner rendition of colors with less artifacts plus 300 lumens. The 4000 will give you a slightly tan artifact on a white surface and the 4500 will give you a slightly red rose tint on a white...
  8. RCS1300

    HDS Beryllium Copper Rotary Anniversary Run

    This has happened to me several times. I have had "out for delivery" packages get delivered within three days.
  9. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems EDC Holsters # 1

    I have been using the leather holster pictured above Everyday for 13 months and it is sturdy and outstanding.
  10. RCS1300

    HDS Pre-Sale for 303 Stainless Rotary/Tactical on Monday June 29th

    Coming up to the final SS sale.
  11. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Definitely tools for me.
  12. RCS1300

    HDS Samsung High CRI 5700K LED?

    The Samsung High CRI 5700K looks like inventory is still available at, as of today.
  13. RCS1300

    HDS Project Bezel from special metal

    How expensive was shipping to the USA?
  14. RCS1300

    HDS Recommendation For UI

    Program it. That is how my Executives are set-up. I get lowest level from off. I set them this way because when I wake up in the morning I want the lowest level on the first click from off.
  15. RCS1300

    Opinions for $250 light

    Multi-battery management is a very serious safety issue. If this person is not using a voltmeter and not managing the labeling and use of each battery he may find himself starting his house on fire. Further, if he inhales the fumes from that fire he could permanently lose lung capacity. The...
  16. RCS1300

    Opinions for $250 light

    An oh wow light. Plenty of those around. Does he want it for any other purpose?
  17. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Picked up the Longines VHP (Very High Precision) with the white dial. Very accurate and easy to read. Loses about one second every 3 months. Not a lot of lume to keep up with my HDS Titanium Executive night time excursions. Probably will go with a new 41mm Marathon TSAR since it is so...
  18. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    For nighttime operations, dog walking and monitoring activities, purchased a used Tag Heuer WAY111a in August and sold it in November. I liked the abundant lume but the watch struck me as more of a fashion statement mostly due to the wide hands and wide dial markers. Now looking at the...
  19. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Try to resist and you are only fooling yourself. Make a priority list of the next three HDS lights you want to have. By this time next year you will have at least one light on that list, maybe two.
  20. RCS1300

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    My wife gave me a HDS rotary flashlight for my birthday. She said, "do you know that is a $350 flashlight?" I said "really?" Then she said, "can you fix my (Chinese) flashlight? The wire came loose and it needs to be soldered."