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    Will 960nm work with 860nm gear?

    If you have equipment set up for 860nm, will a 960nm light work with it? Or does it have to be the other way around with 960nm equipment and a 860nm light? The 960nm is supposed to be totally invisible to humans. The 860nm gives off a red glow. 960nm seems more desirable for stealth. But my...
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    The Cotton Pickers...with some Dust Bowl refugees thrown in

    For the last few months I looked through a few thousand photos to make the film. I downloaded 450+ photos and cut it down to a couple hundred then cut it back some more. Here is the final film. Yesterday and today worked on 23 versions of the film. Usually I just put projector sound in my films...
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    Invisible IR light

    I'm looking for an IR light for IR video work about 5 - 10 feet away. But the light has to be invisible more or less. From what I've seen the IR lights all give off some sort of glow. Do they make invisible IR lights? Thanks
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    18650 batteries and chargers

    What are good 18650 rechargeable batteries and chargers to buy? I have the 2 Streamlight batteries with micro usb ports. But would prefer batteries that use regular chargers. Thanks
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    123 batteries and chargers

    Is there a single rechargeable battery that replaces the (2) 123 batteries? If so, what is a good brand to get? What are good 123 rechargeable batteries and chargers to buy? Thanks
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    Battery tester for 123a batteries

    Who makes a good one? Thanks
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    Streamlight tactical lights are pretty tough

    I've always used Surefire and still do. But the Streamlight tactical lights are impressive with their ability for taking abuse.
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    Daguerreotypes Showcases various daguerreotypes and related ephemera from 1850s to 1870s. Beginning of film is a rich man's household who also was a daguerreotypist and shot some self-portrait dags. I believe the group of servants, carriages, etc...
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    Looking for San Fran and Seattle tap water to test.

    I have water tests from all over the USA. Also filter tests, well water, etc. Here are the test photos... But I can never get to San Fran or Seattle to get a gallon of water. If you live around San Fran or Seattle and want your tap water...
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    Studying history from throwaway ephemera

    Interesting 9 minute audio telling the story of how throwaway ephemera plays a part in understanding and preserving history. "A history of the modern world as told by everyday throwaway ephemera"
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    15 year CD-R video archival test

    I made a CD-R video recording 15 years ago with a Terapin CD video recorder. A test on 1.4.19 showed no visible deterioration of the content. Full report:
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    Before VHS this is what they used.

    This is an odd duck... La Belle Commpak 16mm film cartridge with magnetic sound. Has an 'Auto 8 Mate' for magnetic sound. Before VHS this is what they used.
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    'Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again'...Whitney Museum

    Great show for Warhol fans. I shot it in mid Dec. One of the largest ever organized. Took up a few floors of the Whitney. Sadly 181 photos seems too much for WordPress to handle in a single upload. The entire series was jumbled up and a few photos failed to upload. Still, it is a good...
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    Interesting video on knife laws in NYC...ask a cop and go to jail!

    Interesting video on knife laws in NYC...ask a cop and go to jail! Had no idea a slingshot is illegal in NYC. I've been working on borrowed time in NYC. Not cause of a slingshot, but my folding pocket...
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    Collection of Middle Eastern silver albumen prints by Félix Bonfils

    Collection of Middle Eastern silver albumen prints by Félix Bonfils About 1870s
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    Something to replace Surefire PX3 Fury Tactical single output.

    I can't find any of the original Surefire PX3 Fury Tactical single output 1000 lumen lights. All I can find are the Surefire InteliBeam garbage. What the hell is wrong with Surefire?? That was an outstanding light. Any suggestions for a clone of the original PX3?
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    The press car...all but forgottton

    The railroad press car showed how important the newspaper was in the early 1900's. Between destinations, the newspaper was printed from start to finish on the train.
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    Kroger purified bottled water goes downhill bigtime

    I've been drinking this stuff regularly. Getting hard to find clean water nowadays.
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    Solar powered flashlights...any good ones out there?

    What can you recommend for solar flashlights? Thanks
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    Surefire UDR Dominator owners...are you happy with it?

    Anything you don't like about it? What is available that is comparable for less $?