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  1. BitGeek

    WTB: Peak Eiger Mule Heads and Smooth Flashlight Bodies

    Hoping to find some Peak Eiger Mule heads and older smooth bodies (including the dog bone version) in single or double aaa. Interested in parts and/or full lights in excellent to new condition. Attaching a few pictures for reference. Thanks for the help...much appreciated. Sent from my...
  2. BitGeek

    WTB: Oveready Peak Eiger

    Looking for an Oveready Peak Eiger with smooth stainless steel body and nichia 219 mule head. Thanks Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  3. BitGeek

    Scout Leather Company to Introduce Lights?

    Just received this email...looks interesting: Blade Show 2018 Save the date. For this year's Blade Show in Atlanta, Scout Leather Co. will be joining both Prometheus Lights at Booth #1652 & Burnley Knives at Booth #639. Sneak peek above for some of the special Hard Goods we're working on.
  4. BitGeek

    Sold/Expired *Found* WTB SureFire Z60 Lanyard System

    Looking for a SureFire Z60 Lanyard System, but more specifically the two piece plastic lanyard attachment for SureFire (E series) L1, L2, A2, LX2, K2, V2 lights. Thank you!
  5. BitGeek

    Sold/Expired *Found* WTB ARC (AA) and SF Lumamax L1

    Looking to purchase an ARC (AA) and SureFire Lumamax L1 (four flats) with Lanyard Attachment. All in new or open box pristine condition. Thanks