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    Control ICs in small LED devices

    OTP is still a thing:
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    Nite Ize LED kit LUC2-07 for AA Mini Maglite

    Also oxide on the spring or battery making poor contact between those two.
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    Nite Ize LED kit LUC2-07 for AA Mini Maglite

    Bad contact between the tail spring and tailcap, or stuff in the threads interfering with contact with the body.
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    Do you WTB a bike light for your bicycle?

    Quite a few years back a CPFer was going to make some bike lights, got some very nice CNC machined aluminum shells made, then sort of abandoned the project and sold the empty shells. I got one of them and it has been sitting in my room ever since. I wasn't crazy about the leds or driver boards...
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    I see someone purporting to have one on fleabay: They may be a little confused because they have another M6LT listening at a lower price, that appears to actually be an L5/
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    Nite Ize LED kit LUC2-07 for AA Mini Maglite

    I have one of those around someplace but really, there's tons of much nicer and smaller and more cost effective lights than a converted minimag. Particularly, the minimag's switch was never very reliable.
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    Yes I had a couple of LS's too, wonderful lights for their time, especially the twisty which I never got one of. I'd love an HDS rotary. Maybe someday.
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    Very interesting bit of not only HDS history, but CPF history and maybe flashlight history as well. I sold mine long ago and was just thinking about it yesterday because of the HDS EDC thread. I wondered if it would have counted as an HDS light. I'm gonna resist but good luck!
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    how many lumens do you reasly need

    I think it is the other way around, 1 standard candle = 12.57 lumen. But that is brighter real-life candles are, it seems to me. Anyway, there is no need to mess with candles for this. Just try a low powered led flashlight and see if it suffices. For walking around a completely dark house, 1...
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    Woods walking

    If this is for a young kid, look at the Black Diamond Wiz, which is a headlamp especially for kids. It has some special protective features such as a 2-hour automatic turnoff, and needing a special tool (included) to get the batteries out. VERY young kids will dismantle anything they can get...
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    How many flashlights do you EDC?

    Lpk on keys, usually a 1aaa light in watch pocket, plus the camera flash led in phone. No big throwers as I'm a city boy. I usually bring a bigger light on trips but that isn't EDC.
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    FireFlies NOV-Mu 21*Nichia E21A 5200lm AUX LEDs Anduril Flashlight Group Buy

    Bps7us, just ask for a coupon. The price is "$8-.95" which means we don't find out til looking at the coupon what the 2nd digit "-" means. For now we only know that it will be somewhere between $80.95 and $89.95. At least, that's how I think it works. Freeme, one question I have is how hackable...
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    Fantastic Small Programmable Electronic Load and Battery Discharger

    > I toyed with going the hair drier, resistor bank route I don't understand why you want to discharge these batteries at the end of a ride (leaving them partially charged is fine), but the obvious way to burn off excess electricity is mining bitcoins ;).
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    how many lumens do you reasly need

    The stock minimag might reach 14lm with brand new batteries, but it dims quickly and is more like 5 lumens over most of the run. I'm sure someone has done graphs. At 5h or even 3h it is pretty dead. The thing about incandescents is as they dim, the color shifts towards orange and the light...
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    Two Litezall 3aaa 120 lumen headlamps for $7 shipped (free shipping for Meh members): They are not high end lights by any means, but they are lightweight and mostly well designed, a great value at $3.50 per light. One will go in my...
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    how many lumens do you reasly need

    Back in the day, 500 lumens was a car headlamp or low end HID lantern, 2100 lumens was a PAR36 aircraft landing light, and 200+ in a handheld flashlight was OMG. Nowadays I have a 1x18650 with 100/300/1000 but it heats up quickly at 1000 and I almost never use it at that setting. 100 is...
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    Rotary Cr123/AA flashlight?

    It's possible that using a 3.6 cell could fry something. You might have better luck with a 3.2 volt LFP though even that might be asking for trouble. Boost converters expect to see battery voltages lower than the LED forward voltage which is usually a tiny bit over 3 volts these days. Hmm...
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    Rotary Cr123/AA flashlight?

    Right, rotary is the hard part. Any nerd can design electronics and after the design effort and initial tooling, manufacturing an electronically switched light is very cheap per unit. Rotary on the other hand requires precise machining on every unit and that costs. I'm surprised the PD40 is...
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    Rotary Cr123/AA flashlight?

    Rotaries in general are very rare, but HDS makes an expensive CR123A rotary that *might* take an AA tube.
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    If that is the place that was supplying [email protected], he is the one who said they stopped making them.