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  1. winston

    Sold/Expired FSOT: Milky L6 another price drop 6/4

    Pretty simple, really: Tale of the Tape: "Milky KL6 LuxK2-TFFC TWOF SOB1000 ... 209 Lumens Regulated ... 5-16 Volts Input" A few pinpricks of missing ano on the head, but certainly nothing to write home about. First I'll take it gets it, etc... Let's go $290 - with USPS included. Paypal only...
  2. winston

    Arc UV version identification

    Here's a couple of questions for the Arc UV owners out there: Were any of the first (pre-Cree) Arc UV AAA lights shipped in blister packs? Are there any other markings on the light that would indicate which emitter it used? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all! -Winston
  3. winston

    LED Logic Striker-VG upgrade

    I'm installing an SSC LED in my Striker, but I did something typical of me. I forgot which wire was connected to the + terminal on the star. This is not one of my finer moments, I grant you. Nevertheless, I've got a blue wire and a white wire, and no idea what to do with them. Can anyone tell me...
  4. winston

    Driver basics

    As much as I use my D-Mini, for the last few months I've been considering upgrading it. Maybe a new emitter, maybe a new driver. While emitters are easy enough to find and understand, I'm stumped when it comes to drivers. Unfortunately, driver circuits represent a conspicuous hole in the Threads...
  5. winston

    The much-maligned Coast brand

    I've heard some pretty convincing negatives about Coast lights, and I agree with most of them. That having been said, I have never seen a Coast light with an unattractive tint. Are they all winners of the Luxeon lottery? -Winston
  6. winston

    Capacity differences across manufacturers

    I was thinking specifically of RCR123 cells, wondering how many manufacturers there could possibly be, and couldn't figure out why different brands should have different capacities. If I remember correctly, every time Consumer Reports tested Alkaline batteries, they concluded that it was just...