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    QS2L-X: How set auto-off duration without the app?

    Hi all you knowledgeable people, is it possible to set the auto-off duration of the QS2L-X without using the bluetooth app? Cheers, Photonmuncher
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    Foursevens QS2L-X: How set auto-off duration without the app?

    Hi all, is there a way to program the auto-off timer duration of the Foursevens QS2L-X without using the bluetooth connected app on the phone or tablet? Meaning, only through clicks and presses on the flashlight itself. Seeing that the app isn't in the app store anymore, if this timer duration...
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    Sold/Expired Sourcing a Yuji 5600k and / or 3200k 5mm LED for Photon Freedoms

    Hi all, this may be a long shot, but is anyone able to point me in the direction of a source for a few Yuji 5600k and / or Yuji 3200k 5mm LEDs? I have seen the group buys, but unfortunately I only saw them after they closed. Ideally, I'd love to buy a couple of each. I have a trusty Photon...
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    Wanted: Defense plus utility - does the egg laying wool milk pig exist?

    Hi all, after a so far very disappointing experience with the Foursevens QS2L-X which seems to suffer catastrophic software crashes several times a day and thus is useless to me right now (that's a different post), I am now looking for alternatives. Basic requirements: => Reliable =>...
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    Hi from New Zealand!

    Hi all, long time flashlight connoisseur and CPF lurker, finally joined today. Love the wealth of knowledge in this place, and looking forward to chat with you all! Have a great day!