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  1. bykfixer

    deer are jerks

    A few years ago I was driving to a store where a country road was the route there. Approaching a sharp curve I had slowed way down when a big ole doe sashayed into the roadway and stopped. I was like "no no no no, don't stop there"…… bump. I was going about 5mph when I hit it. It tipped over...
  2. bykfixer

    Yard Equipment

    Used the 10' extension gutter cleaner attachment hooked to the Toro rectangle nozzle blower. Being it hasn't rained lately it took longer to get the cord out and set things up than clean the gutters. The same blower made quick work of sending a yard covered with leaves to the street. What used...
  3. bykfixer

    Binge worthy series

    We picked up NCIS New Orleans season 7 yesterday. I've not seen any episodes of this particular spin off of "Gibbs tv". I'm totaly surprised it lasted this long. A cast of quality actors but I've seen better acting at my kids high school play. The initial episode involves the early days of...
  4. bykfixer

    Binge worthy series

    Just re-watched Longmire. Often times I put in a disk, hit play and go about life. So it ends up there are episodes I did not see. Or Mrs Fixer will watch a disk on her day off etc. Sometimes I yell at Walt "you stubborn mule, can't you see Nighthorse did not do that?" only to discover a few...
  5. bykfixer

    non additive pain relief?

    I like "arthritis strength" tylenol two at a time. Ibuprofin (motrin and advil) used to be like candy to me in my BMX freestyle days. Now I get heartburn when within 5' of a bottle of that stuff. Physical therapy solved my issues. Hated my therapist the first few visits but sent them a...
  6. bykfixer

    The US labor status

    Last evening Mrs Fixer and I took a lap around the town after a nice meal with the kids and saw several places that would have ordinarily done well in sales that time of day were closed. The local KFC closes at 5 now. A Wendys, 3:30!! Everyday. Mattress stores, the Books-a-million, clothing...
  7. bykfixer

    Things that just make you smile :) This post at the intro section.
  8. bykfixer

    Stare into a red LED for three minutes a week, improve your vision?

    I'm not going to try it. You try it. Hey, let's get Mike-ee. Mike-ee says "wutch-yoo talkin' bout Willis?"
  9. bykfixer

    Thanksgiving 2021

    Mrs Fixers family says they prefer salty ham but her mom insists on sweet ham, so each year she brings the ham (the years she comes over). I don't really care either way. But I will have to try that apple juice thing. :buttrock: As a rule I don't have regrets in life but I sure do wish I would...
  10. bykfixer

    Thanksgiving 2021

    We still had the covid/flu season set up Poppy. And probably will from now on minus a box of dental masks by the front door for anyone who wanted one. It's really nice to have that fresh air circulating while the house is packed with people. First off the fan we used to draw in fresh air last...
  11. bykfixer

    Thanksgiving 2021

    Well with the covid seemingly in the rear view mirror the Fixer household was slated to have about 15 fam-damily this year. Now me? I'm ok just me and the dog. But Mrs Fixers family had driven 500 miles to come see her. Ok, it's the day of and I was exhausted from getting the home starboard to...
  12. bykfixer

    Those tunes that get stuck in your head

    After listening to Led Zeppelin Song Remains the Same yesterday a tune called "the Rain Song" is stuck in my head. That's not a bad thing.
  13. bykfixer

    Who likes the Jelly format?

    To me the new logo is an oxy-moron type of thing where the site now uses the latest, greatest technology with a colored pencil sketch'd logo. Old school looking. To do a poll? I typed that quest into my favorite search engine and the responses I got……well let's just say this is a family...
  14. bykfixer

    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Plenty of 20# turkeys at the store I shop at. Frozen kind were like $7 versus around $6 last year. The butterball non frozen kind though……32 bucks. The only gaps I saw were in the juice row like cranberry juice and apple juice were a big seller this year. Not the dairy case kind but the kind...
  15. bykfixer

    Who likes the Jelly format?

    I like grape jelly. Does that count?
  16. bykfixer

    Who likes the Jelly format?

    This is a site where you take a poll on favorite flavor of ice cream, and the voter names the flavor. If 1000 people answer it'll likely be less than 10 agree. It's just the nature of the members here, but at the same time it also highlights individuality of the members too. Nutin wrong wit dat.
  17. bykfixer

    Why I hate clones (and so should you)

    So long as the party ends by 9:30. My brain goes into coma mode after that.
  18. bykfixer

    Why I hate clones (and so should you)

    Good bump. Way back in the stone age of flashlights the big companies made tubes that put out light in order to make money off their batteries. At one point in the depression Charles Burgess (the guy who patented the C and D sized casing and formula inside for a good while) gave away Burgess...
  19. bykfixer

    Colonoscopy, Why YOU should have ONE

    Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed often and for the same reason. Hopefully sleepy man made it through ok. I don't watch tv so I get my news here in the Cafe'. So I don't know if we still have a woman president.
  20. bykfixer

    Old Cars/Trucks Restoration and Modding

    Aside from the exploding Pinto I never had issue with Fords. But I know a few mechanics who whenever they see something bone head on a vehicle they say "another better idea by Ford" which apparently refers to a Pinto advertizement or something.