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    WTB TAD Lenslight Micro Titanium

    Are you still looking for one of these?
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    Review XTAR VC8

    That's simply just not true. This is straight from the manual: "Press "Curr" button to switch charging current, 3A/2A/1A/0.5A/0.25A."
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    Fenix New HL60R With a True 950-Lumen Mode--NO Burst Mode

    charging current?? Hello, I have the same question, but it doesn't seem like answers are being revealed here. I've been enjoying my new HL60r that replaced my HL55, especially the dual red LED's for night-vision and charging status display. Does anyone know what the charging current is...
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    Whoa! What Happened To Fenix?!

    I hate that. You find a good price, use giftcards or find a sale or use some store credit, then the best price turns worse than the worst of the worst pricing, and you end up throwing good money after bad. You do this while lacking confidence in a company that caused you to feel let down. You...
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    Kydex Sheaths

    I tried, with a cylindrical Fenix 2xAA and there wasn't enough area for the kydex to "grip" onto while sheathed. It ended up being too loose. It's nice when the kydex can be molded slightly over the choil of a knife, or even over thumbstuds as something to hold onto, and flex enough to make...
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    Looking for headlamp with both red-white light

    Fenix HL60r. A zoomable lens on a headlamps? Better check that budget.
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    Overvolting: Just try and see if it works?

    I have a couple of UV LED flashlights that aren't "high powered" and they work when I increased their voltage x2 or x3. One is a "CREE Ultrafire C3", whatever that means, because when I google that, many white lights pop up instead. The other one says, "TANK007 TK-566" and it has the AA...
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    LED Headlights on 2017 Ford Super Duty

    I can't believe auto-leveling HID's, and LED tails/turns aren't standard on today's Super Duty. It's kind of like how vehicles still came with tape players, long after cassette tapes disappeared. It almost feels nostalgic at this point, to drive a car with incandescent bulbs. Old school...
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    What is the best brand of 12v power inverters?

    I would NOT recommend XANTREX. It's a mess of Chinese Junk inside with extremely sloppy solder everywhere and minuscule heatsinks. I noticed GoPower PSW inverters cost about three times as much. I found a video on youtube showing the inside of one, and it's leaps and bounds better quality...
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    Dummy cells to convert 2xAA to 1x14500 Li-Ion?

    Good call on the 3x. Oh, the only "advantage" I can think of, would be the minuscule weight loss, although it feels substantial in the hand (52.06g versus 26.3g), but I was just curious and got these to play around and experiment with. Shame I don't have any 3xAA devices; might have to grab...
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    Dummy cells to convert 2xAA to 1x14500 Li-Ion?

    I received some dummy AA cells today, initially planning on using 1 x 14500 Lithium-Ion + a dummy cell in various electronics that require 2 x AA - mostly in LED lights. I just realized it would still increase the voltage by a fair amount, even if compared to disposable Lithium batteries. I'm...
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    It's also a huge hinderance and annoyance to fill out all those customs forms, and makes for a tedious chore, exponentially multiplying the efforts for what normally is a quick and easy process. Just my take on it.
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    Edited my original post.
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    Wowzers! I received my package from Doc yesterday, and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! Very generous of you, and I'm incredibly grateful. I'll post up my impressions of the light after I get some time with it . . . I don't know if my recent winning disqualifies me for further entries, but...
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    Please post more details! I have this same CF CS cane, and I do love it, but the aluminum "golf" ball is a bit too small for my hands to be comfortable. I would love to follow suit. Even a billiard ball would be cool, since I use it as a walking aid, and not a self-defense tool. I do like...
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    Thanks for the update, Doc! You are THE MAN! I'll post up when it arrives. :thanks:
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    Whoo Hooo! I'll go with the Lumintop Tool AAA with the proper clicky swittch! PM sent, thanks, Doc!
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    Congrats to the winners! Whoo Hoo! I get third choice! Yay! Thanks, thedoc007!!!!
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    "I am in for an EDC light"
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    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    Ack! That picture freaks me out! Looks like some Alien abduction type of thing at first glance, and it's hard to accept it can be human. *jitters down the spine* Oh, I guess you did say, "premature" - ewww . . . that's just TOO SMALL, and should be put back in the oven, it's not done yet.