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  1. jeffb

    TnC Collection

    TnC N and Keylux AA
  2. jeffb

    Sold/Expired WTB: SPY 005...... FOUND!

    Please PM me if you have one to offer? FOUND THANK YOU Thank You, Jeff
  3. jeffb

    Sold/Expired WTB: Spy 005 with upgraded board

    Please PM, Thank You, Jeff
  4. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD Drake and Draco Lego SOLD

    First to post "I will take it" in this thread. Pricing includes USPS Priority Shipping and Insurance Conus. PM for overseas. PayPal preferred, no e check $300 for all, sold only as a full lego set SOLD $250.00 SOLD Drake Alum head #093 w/XPE Cree, FluPic Turbo Head Alum Luxeon LED pill...
  5. jeffb

    Sold/Expired Pending:McGizmo Sapphire Pending

    First to post "I'll take it in this thread", Price includes shipping USPS Priority and Insurance Conus, PM for overseas. PayPal preferred, No e check No lights were carried, McClicky has marks on edge.... Aleph 2 Black w/Seoul GDup 3 level and McTC McClicky SOLD NOW $170 SOLD 10, 180, 700...
  6. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD Mako Ti, SOLD

    First to post in this thread "I will take it"... All prices include USPS priority shipping w/insurance Conus, PM for overseas PayPal preferred, no e checks. SOLD(2) Ti Mako $115$110 NOW $95(new and never removed from bag) $105$100 NOW$90(pictured and just tested, never carried) 1xAAA Titanium...
  7. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD: SPY005 SOLD

    I am going to reduce pricing based on input and due to scratches to SOLD$525,SOLD incl shipping and insurance Conus and if if doesn't sell by midnight tonight, will Wednesday Nov. 25, I will withdraw. #022 Spy 005, Chrome, purchased new and upgraded with new board. by data2zip here There are...
  8. jeffb

    Sold/Expired FS: Spy005

    First to post "I'll take it" Paypal preferred, no e checks Upgraded board, with low set to very low for night use. Shipped USPS with Insurance Conus...PM me for overseas. #022 Small scratches on body, don't show in pix that I will post later Also to come, Muyshondt creations, Mako (2) Aeon...
  9. jeffb

    Wireless electricity, uses laser to power LED Interesting!? jeffb
  10. jeffb

    Sold/Expired WTB: Aleph 2 Black Head

    Please PM if you have one to sell. Would also consider a "bare" Aleph 2 head. Thank You, jeffb
  11. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD TnC 18650, SOLD

    SOLDFor Sale:SOLD TnC SF 18650 Lux V XYOS $265 (1) of four (4) produced in black, whitest LED I have ever owned added Titanium bezel TnC, very little run time, never carried. Here is the original thread by Chris (owner, manufacturer of TnC) click here This light can also be used with...
  12. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD SPY007 w/tritiums, SOLD

    Selling lights listed, below......all are as new; First to post "I'll take it", in this thread. NO Trades accepted, No e-checks, Paypal or PM me if Money Order. Shipped USPS priority, Spy 007, $500 INSURANCE included, add $5 for Insurance, HD45. SPY007 #0350 with added Green tritiums and...
  13. jeffb

    Cool Fall Spy007 0350 Pictorial

    Arrived, today and it is great, the switching mechanism is even better than my Spy005 and I thought that would not be possible!
  14. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD...Mac's Mini Hid SOLD THANKS

    For Sale I am the 2nd owner....original owner purchased from this thread PayPal preferred, No E checks, No trades, please $225.00, Shipping and Insurance included (1st class USPS) First to Post "I'll take it" in this thread PM for Paypal address. For sale: Mac's Mini-HID, pewter Purchased...
  15. jeffb

    Sold/Expired FS: ALL SOLD or Withdrawn!! McGizmo HD45, TnC, Mac Mini HID,

    First to post "I'll take it", PayPal or money order NO e check; Shipping AND Insurance INCLUDED to CONUS (USPS priority) PM for International and can be discussed. NO TRADES and NO PARTS SOLD Luna Sol Ti (1st run), as received $585 SOLD Green tritium, no carry, used indoors very little...
  16. jeffb

    Flupic won't program correctly?

    Purchased a board from TnC for new Blocky Boy... seemed to blink and go into program mode once and the light cycled through brightness settings. Changed li-on batteries to ensure voltage, now I twist on and of within the proscribed time frame and no "blinks to program and it only has one level...
  17. jeffb

    LunaSol Review w/Pictures and Picture Comparison

    Received McGizmo's remarkable LunaSol, earlier this week. Have been focusing on keeping flashlights for use and daily carry. Was concerned that the LunaSol 27mm head was too large for carry, however the combination flood and Cree beam was too intriguing to pass up. I have had the good fortune...
  18. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD McLux Ti III, McGizmo Ti Mule SOLD

    As pictured below McLux Ti III (no PD) original TYOH Luxeon (beautiful white, nice spill) per Don, only 50 of these lights were built and of those only a portion were Sold. Has a small mark (scratch), near hole on top. SOLD$775 SOLD Shipped with Insurance (Conus), contact me regarding...
  19. jeffb

    Sold/Expired FS: SOLDTitanium Nautilus SOLD

    I have For Sale, three "Endeavour" Titanium lights, all received directly from Endeavor...... all look as new, all have been used very little. SOLDOriginal Ti Cr2 Ion with flood Cree $310SOLD SOLD2nd Version Ti Cr2 Ion with XRE Cree SOLD(brighter with tighter corona, yet still some "spill")...
  20. jeffb

    Sold/Expired SOLD LionHeart 18650 BODY SOLD

    I have a group of Aleph Parts (black, bare, LE), TB 18650, and 2 Mr Bulk 18650 bodies FS. SOLD Would like to sell the Aleph Parts as a Group.....$225 SOLD shipped as group Aleph 2 Black Head (kit, w/reflector, lens etc) 40 Aleph 1.5 Black body 35 Aleph CR123 Black Body 30 Aleph CR123 Bare...