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    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    I'll take it, if it's still available. Thanks, Mike
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    Happy Halloween! :-)

    I'll take the D1vn. Thanks, Mike
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    Convoy M1vn Flare

    Has anyone compared the XHP50.2 model with the XPH70.2 yet ? Thanks, Mike
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    Become a CPF Level 3 Benefactor! Will match with store credit!

    I guess that I'm the first one to sign up. Thanks for doing this Vinh. Mike
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    Valentine Day Sale - EDC for the Ladies ;-)

    I'll take backup on 11 or J, if either one falls through. Thanks, Mike
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    SDminiVN - Pocket Thrower

    Vinh, This light appears similar to the STRIVEvn. How much difference is there between the two ? Thanks, Mike
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    The Lounge 2016

    Re: The Lounge Vinh, Prayers for you and your family. With the Lord's help, you WILL get through this. Mike
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    The Lounge 2016

    Re: The Lounge Is it the Manker Timeback ?
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    Labor Day Sale - Random Start Time & End Time ;-)

    I'll take: 6. StriveVN Throw XML2 U3 PDTC + Driver VNX2 + Thermal Pad + AR Glass $90/$110 and 61. EagleEyes X6vn XML2 U3 PDTc Single Mode, no pocket clip $35/$45 PayPal incoming. Thanks, Mike
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    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    I'll take 1) MH20vn XML2 5000K, Brightest U2 bin, Diffused lens, Excellent EDC flooder $85/$95 Thanks, Mike
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    MH20vn - Compact 18650 W/ Charging

    Vinh, Any ETA on the 2nd batch ? Thanks, Mike
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    Re: M2Xvn? How much is it to current boost an existing M2X ? Thanks, Mike
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    P25LC2vn - Diffuser Light

    Re: P25LC2vn - Best 18650 EDC (Must have) I'll take the last one. PayPal incoming. Thanks, Mike
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    DriverVN & DriverVNX - Programmable Circuits

    Re: DriverVN - A User Programmable Circuit! ML and 1% seem redundant. I use ML a lot more and see no need for 1%. Mike
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    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    I'll take the HDS Rotary. PayPal incoming. Thanks, Mike
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    Lunar New Year Giveaway :-)

    21st light 3 48 Thanks, Mike
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    Lunar New Year Giveaway :-)

    20th light 2 148
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    Lunar New Year Giveaway :-)

    19th light 1 48 Thanks, Mike
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    Valentine Fundraiser Mini Sale :-)

    I'll take 1. SL2 (REX) with a 4000k XM-L2. PayPal incoming. Thanks, Mike
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    Christmas & New Year Gifts Giveaway :-)

    December 26th - Brendaj4 Fenix LD50 -# 272 Thanks, Mike