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    2X IMR 18500 + MN21 = SUCCESS!!!

    What's up, my fellow Incandescent lovers! I am immensely happy to report you, that according to my 'un-scientific' tests, it is safe to run the MN21 on IMR cells as long as you don't go higher than size 18500. No instaflash so far--even on topped-hot-off-the charger cells (I've repeated...
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    Who else is having contact problems with Malkoff + Leef Body?

    It seems my Malkoff M60W MC-E has no love for the Leefies... It works 100% perfectly with any SureFire host, but when I screw a Z44-HA Bezel with the Malkoff in it on a Leef Body, it doesn't make electrical contact at all. I need to remove the bezel and press the drop-in all the way down against...
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    Is there any "7.2-8.4v" 4.4+Amp G4 bi-pin bulb for the SF Turbohead?

    It must be able to handle at least a pair of 18500 IMR cells. In case there isn't anythnig out there like this, I might go ahead and try the MN21:caution:... I'm basically looking for an output in the M6 HOLA and ROP High ballpark.:D Thanks in advance.
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    Alternative lamps for Pelican Big D 3853 (7.2v ROP)

    Also, is there any reliable bulb for 2x26500 IMRs? Bin-pin or stock Mag socket are both welcome. Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
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    Is the YOHO-122 out of stock everywhere??

    Does anybody knows where to find them? I need at least 3... Thanks in advance.:twothumbs
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    New Lumens Factory P7 Head Assembly for SureFire M Series:

    Does anybody here got one?? :eek: Specs: Seraph P7 M Series Turbo Head (6V-13V Regulated Input, Constant Output) -High Output SSC P7 LED, D Bin (Max Output 950 Lumens) -6V to 13V Regulated Input for Maximum Flexibility -High Output Single Mode -Maximum Current Output at 2800mA -HA 3...
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    Wireless Electricity -- How will this affect flashlights?

    This is freaking cool!! ==>> :party:
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    Mixing SF Nitrolon parts with metal parts, no proper eletrical contact?

    I'm having a hard time getting my Leef 2x18500 to work with a standard G3 Nitrolon tailcap with various battery setups and lamp assemblies, is this not supposed to work or what? When I put everything back into the G3 all works nicely. Please help!:sick2: Thanks in advance.
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    Which setup will be brighter: MN21 on 2x18650 IMRs or MN61 on 3x18650 IMRs?

    By looking at DM51's impressive SureFire M6 Shootout, it seems to me that the MN61 on 3x17670 AW LiCo cells is even brighter that the mighty MN21 on 2xAW 'C' Sized Li-ions, is this correct? What if I use IMRs on both lamp assemblies (:caution:Instaflash risks aside, I plan to 'bleed' the cells...
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    Ever heard of 1.4 volts AA cells?

    Is this real? A friend of mine said his Kodak Digital Camera came with disposable AAs rated at 1.4V each, and now according to him, common 1.2v NiMH's will not even power it up. Is my friend hallucinating or his Camera just broke? :thinking:
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    Is there any "9V" LA that will throw further than my IMR-M3T?

    Please no bi-pin adapters, no sockets and no mods. Stock lamp assemblies only. How does the IMR-MT3 compare to these lamp assemblies (I'm talking about beam pattern, overall brightness and throw): - MN16 - MN20 - MN21 - HO-M3T - EO-M3T P.S - I'm using 2x18500 IMR batteries. Thanks in...
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    SureFire Z48 tailcap clicky + LF IMR-M3T = is it safe?

    I do not understand the reason behind Lumens Factory warnings condemning all clicky tailcaps and IMR lamp assemblies combos, especially considering the fact that SureFire sell clicklies for all HOLA options-- except for the M6. The P91/MN16/MN61 seem to pull even more amps than most IMR lamps...
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    ROP High VS Ultrafire TH-1300 20watts: which one is brigther?

    I'm considering this light: I was wondering if its output would be similar to a ROP High on 6xNiMH... Does anybody here have hands on experience with this light? P.S - I'm planning to run this light on 3xIMR 18650 in order to get some...
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    Where to buy ANR 26650 M1A batteries?

    I'd like to know where I can purchase these batteries online: Thanks in advance. :)
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    Mod options for Mag 2C?

    What can I do with a Mag 2C? As far as I know, these are the easiest Mods: - Stock 2C Mag + 2x AW 'C' Li-ion + Mag 6D Xenon bulb = how many lumens should I get out of this? - 2C Mag with UCL lens + 2x AW 'C' Li-ion + Aluminum reflector + Pelican Big D LOLA = Lumen? - 2C Mag with UCL or...
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    Bear Grylls's choice of flashlight:

    We all know that in his show he's got a knife, a fire starter and a canteen but no flashlight or source of light at all... What if he needed to choose a flashlight, which light should he choose? :confused: I'd say a SureFire E1L would be his choice, do you agree?
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    Help me upgrading emitter in 1st generation Inova T3:

    Hi folks, I've just killed an old T3 by trying to run 2x AWs RCR123 in it. (Doh! I already knew it would kill the light, bit I needed an excuse to crack it open); so here I stand... I've tried the traditional CPFs "Freeze-Pop" method two times to no avail. So which other options do I have now...
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    Best brand of CR2 batteries for Muyshondt Aeon?

    Panasonic, Sanyo, Kodak, Sony or Duracell? Which one is better? Are Duracell Ultras worth the premium tag or is it just marketing hype?:shrug: What's your experience in feeding your Aeon? Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
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    I've just bought my 1st A2-RD, will I regret it?

    How does it compare to the White or the Green version in terms of brightness and beam patter? This is my first Aviator with red LEDs... Hope I did not make a mistake. Thanks in advance. :twothumbs
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    EagleTac P10C2 VS Fenix T1 VS DBS v2 (Beamshots):

    These are not mine: Have fun! Cheers :)