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    "Bathroom-trip in the night" flashlight recommendation?

    I have a modded generic micro-light. Original used 2X 2016 batteries and had a bright white 10-20 Degree Beam LED... - Replaced the Led with a GREEN diffused Beam 120+ Degree one. And use a single 2032 battery. It gives plenty of light to get around the house at night. - It will also keep...
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    Duplicated Entry Available Giveaway:New Lumintop Prince, Carbon Fiber+Brass/Copper/SS

    Re: Giveaway: New Lumintop Prince, Carbon Fiber+Brass/Copper/SS 1. Stainless Steel 2. $37.50
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    Win a new electric powered bike.

    Win new Flux Roadmaster Electric Bike.
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    Searching for very low brightness, red LED headlamp for astronomy

    Hi to everyone. I know this is an older post. but I find it very interesting and informative. Thanks to everyone for sharing their expertise. For a few years I have been playing with modifying some Chinese White (copies of Photon) microlights for a friend of mine that loves astronomy. These...
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    Need help finding brightest 5mm Diffused Red LEDs

    The Cree look interesting. Where do you get them from? Did not see on Ebay, or with a quick internet search. Thanks, Pete
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    Need help finding brightest 5mm Diffused Red LEDs

    Nate, Thanks for the advice! Know you are not using them for readinf etc But do know if the "strawhats" have a pretty smooth beam? Thanks!
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    Need help finding brightest 5mm Diffused Red LEDs

    Hi, I am trying to make some night vision micro-type lights by replacing existing LED and batteries with new LED's. Hi, I am new to this forum, and a novice with LEDs and electronics. Can anyone help me find some very bright (total light output, not a small angle spot) diffused or flaqt top...