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  1. pmek5

    My Peak State of the Union Address

    I have been carrying my Peak's some some years now. All the way from my Brass 10180, Alum. 1X's & 2X AAA Eiger's, and the fantastic NP300A. Can't say how much I enjoy grabbing one of these, and know the consistent reliability your going to have. Thanks Robyn & crew for great customer service...
  2. pmek5

    Eiger / Momentay Switch / Prometheus Clip Question

    I just recently received a Prometheus Clip for my Eiger 2xAAA Alum. bodied flashlight (older non-QTC). I installed the clip without any problems. The momentary switch works fine, but now when I screw the light head in for continual on mode, it won't come on, even with the head screwed all the...
  3. pmek5

    NiteCore D10 Tribute

    Anyone out there still using their D10 Tribute with tritium slot. I thought I lost mine this last year when I had a battery leak. Did some work on it today, and cleaned up the negative spring & base area. I was worried it was the circuit board. Seems to be working like new.
  4. pmek5

    O-Ring Size

    Did some searching, but gave up. Does anyone know the O-Ring size for an Eiger light head. This is for one about three years old. Thank you,
  5. pmek5

    Help Identifying Eiger Marking

    Could not find a thread to answer this - I have an Eiger Head with an "N" on the battery contact. Can you please tell me what the "N" is for. This came with a 10180. It is a heck of a lot brighter than my level 1 I currently run on my 10180.
  6. pmek5


    All I will say is - Wow! PS - Adjustable power output knob is well worth the extra $. Thanks Bob at RMSK for all your help, and fast shipping.
  7. pmek5

    Peak Throwers?

    I am wondering which of Peak's lights best fits the category of a pocket size "thrower"? (Pyrenees? / El Capitan #8 Narrow? / Other?) I need your Peak user experience / expertise of whats available to educate me. Thanks for your help.
  8. pmek5

    Eiger 10180 & 10280 in Brass Lug

    I was wondering if anyone has recently purchased a Peak Eiger 10180 or 10280 in a brass, and lug body. I am curious, and interested in this little style light, and wasn't sure you could still get it. I was also wondering how the new "0" level head would do vs. a #1. The brass looks really good...
  9. pmek5

    Peak Eiger AAA in Brass

    Just received my Peak Eiger 1 x AAA with the following options: 1. Brass w/ key ring lug body 2. Neutral Color 3. Medium Beam 4. Level 7 5. Momentary Switch Great looking light, and built very well. I like the fact I can change this light in brightness, and even get a 2 x AAA tube by...
  10. pmek5

    Ra Clicky Tailstand Attachment

    I Just had to share this off the wall discovery. I have read in this forum discussions regarding the Ra Clicky not really being able to tailstand because the switch actually sticks out past the housing or tailcap. And please let me make this point - that HDS does not advertise that it is able...
  11. pmek5

    Ra Clicky new clip?

    OK - I have seached the threads, and have found bits & pieces on HDS possibly coming out with a new designed clip - Is this true? I have a EDC-120E, and it is a just a great flashlight hands down, but I get excited thinking there may be a new clip coming. A clip with an optional lanyard...
  12. pmek5

    Ra Clicky EDC Exec. or Liteflux LF3XT ?

    Well its down to these two. Both have the low / low moonlight that I like. I was just going to get the Liteflux LF3XT, but the longer I wait the more I am drawn to the Ra Clicky EDC Executive - except that one thing about it - the "clip" (and no lanyard attachment). The Ra Clicky seems to be...
  13. pmek5

    Moonlight Mode

    I am new to the forum, and I am looking for a good all around EDC / Car flashlight. I have have been looking quite a bit, and have been reading reviews & forums, and have really been interested in the Quark 123 or AA due to the moonlight feature it has (less than 1 lumen). So my question is who...