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    WTB: Oveready Boss Body

    ISO: 70 or 35 BOSS body. Preferably AL, but will entertain other materials.
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Knife & Light pics. Is this item on the bottom a pen? Do share. It looks shiny and carbon fiber laden. I must have one.
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    Water Intrusion and Sealing Issues with Haiku

    Thank you all for the replies! Water intrusion usually a couple of droplets occurs with a dunk in a glass of water less than 6 inches deep. I'm thinking I likely have a nick in the switch boot as it is "SLIGHTLY" misshapen. It was that way when I received it. I have not seen any issues with...
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    Water Intrusion and Sealing Issues with Haiku

    Has anyone had issues with water getting in their Haikus from the switch end? I realize McGizmos are not submersible but even a dip in the sink or a toothbrush bath results in a bit of water under my switch boot on top of the McClicky. O-ring is intact with no visible damage as is the boot...
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    FEELER: Montblanc, Prometheus Lights style

    I AM COMPLETELY IN. I'm a huge fan of fine writing instruments. +1 on the Montblanc refill being excellent.
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Haiku, LF2XT and ZT 560
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    EDC - What's in Your Pocket(s)?? Third Edition

    Part of Today's pocketables.
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    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    What is the light four in from the right? I'm seriously digging it.
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    Sold/Expired back for sale: Tiny CMG Micro CR2/14250

    Is that a hacked down D10 SP at the end on the far right? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Explain this sorcery at once!
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    Sold/Expired Custom Delrin switch parts for Sunwayman V10R Ti + and V11R LED lights

    PayPal Sent for 1 x Delrin Retaining Ring! Thanks! Rtryland
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    Sold/Expired ALL SPF: Ku 40DD, Lummi Wee SS, Lummi Raw SS, Lummi Raw Al

    Re: FS: Ku 40DD, Lummi Wee SS, Lummi Raw SS, Lummi Raw Al Finally got by the post to pick up the 40DD! Got here safe and sound, beautiful light and fantastic tint! Lucky me my CottonPickers charger arrived today as well! Thanks again Otis!
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    Sold/Expired ALL SPF: Ku 40DD, Lummi Wee SS, Lummi Raw SS, Lummi Raw Al

    Re: FS: Ku 40DD, Lummi Wee SS, Lummi Raw SS, Lummi Raw Al :paypal: Thanks again!
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Ti "Fatty" EX10

    How about Meow? :anyone::popcorn:
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Ti "Fatty" EX10

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    Sold/Expired SOLD: KuKu EX10 Ti Fatty SOLD

    Argh!!! Missed this one... And I had a WTB up for this light too. Crap. Maybe I should just give up flashaholism.... Lol Nice catch though seriously jealous right now!!! Steve makes incredible lights. RTRYLAND
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    Flashaholics in North East Tennessee!?!?!

    Hello! Fellow Flashaholics!!! I am curious as to how many of us there are in the Tri-Cities Area of Tennessee/Virginia. :anyone: Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol! :twothumbs: I'd be interested in helping setup some sort of get together :grouphug: to talk about lights, grab beer, or...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Ti Luce de Notte, minty bargain

    Re: Ti Luce de Notte, minty bargain :mecry::mecry::mecry: <---- That's me AGAIN! Due to Lisa's insane speediness! Oh well! Enjoy the kick *** light! RTRYLAND *Secretly plots to find a way to NEVER sleep so he can ALWAYS be lurking the forums...*
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Ti "Fatty" EX10

    Looking for a Ti Fatty EX10 made by kuku! Does not have to be mint or have a LE installed. I can move my own EX10 guts. Thanks! RTRYLAND
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    Sold/Expired FS: Lummi Ti Wee - Blue Trits - Sold

    Lisa is a bloody light NINJA!!! I think she spends all of her days hunting for all the sweetest lights!!! Do you have a Jhanko D10 yet Lisa? That's my Holy Grail light, although I've yet to manage one... RTRYLAND