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    Sold/Expired Best way to mod d-mini

    Hi, just wondering if there is any way to mod the existing pill or if there is a well known easily moddable drop in that may fit the d-mini, as you all know the LED market is buzzing, i'd like to revive the little diamond d-mini. Any help muchos appreciated :)
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    D-mini Tweaking.

    Hi all, i was wondering if anyone had an idea on tweaking this puppy, i like the brightness, don't get me wrong i think it's a marvel of electronics design. one thing i can't do is keep it focussed, the head gets twisted and i think after a while loses focus, i know about the pill being...
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    Can anyone recommend a good forearm holster?

    G'day everyone, I Was just in the market for a forearm flashlight holster, one that mounts on the inside of the forearm, I have seen something from blackhawk products, just wondering if anyone knew of others similiar to that one, that I should be looking out for ? Thanks :) Blackhawk...
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    new t3 or d-mini for outdoor needs.

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    New p3d issue

    hey all, finally took receipt of my fenix p3d-ce, just got some small problems, in turbo mode (bezel tight to body), after the turbo mode comes strobe right ? it pretty much wont go into strobe mode. and in normal mode, there's no SOS but all the regular modes. Anyone else have this issue ...
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    My last light, what should it be??

    I've acquired the unit's i need, and a couple are on their way. I want to get one more light but i cannot decide on a new inova t4, or a new E1L (when they decide to come) i know i'd use the t4 for home security and just basically all round distance thrower/rechargeble/reliable/will last...
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    inova t1 tiros mod. just need a suggestion.

    I would like to replace the Led module inside of this light because it has cruddy run-time. Brightness is of little importance but i would like at least twice the run time increase. Can anyone suggest a decent module to replace the stock one? beam type and pattern doesnt phase me, if it's...
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    Just some 'light' reading for you all..

    stumbled upon this site today, it had some awesome stuff I had never seen before.. Link removed. Bart
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    paracord in australia

    Hey all, i have just ordered 100ft grey type3 from eebers, just a quick question would there be anyone out there in aus be willing to trade lengths of paracord with me? or if you dont like grey i could buy some off you (black, neons, camos) ? I know i wont ever use 100ft of it, i would hate to...
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    Need advice.

    Hello, My brother has bought a new car, and his 3d mag is dead, the switch is busted and it's just a wreck, i think the bulb is dead and I can't bring myself to buy parts for it, because i think those lights are too outdated, now I'd like to mod it, but i dont have $200, so... the options i have...
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    when are the new surefire's released?

    Anyone know, I am edging to get a new EDC mini carry, and I love the little surefire's looks and build, I would buy a p1d-ce now, or just save a bit more and by the time they are released i wouldnt be out of pocket... (i hope) so does anyone guesstimate when these champs will be coming out ?..
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    Help with next torch purchase.

    Hi, i have purchased a fenix l2t, and it says 10lumens (low), and 55 (high). Now from what i understand, that's "claimed" not actual lumens, now @ it's "high" setting, I find this pretty impressive, but i would like something smaller and more powerful, is there anything from surefire with a...
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    Stanley maxlife tripod flashie, mod ideas?

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had one of these and whether they had modded it yet, or thought about it doing it but never went ahead with it ? It has 6x5mm white LED's the brightness for the LEDS and the brand I am unsure of. the newer model has a singe 1w luxeon or equivalent, I want...
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    Hi! (introducing myself, long-ish)

    Hi, i'm new, i've enjoyed the month of reading the various posts and had no idea people were so involved with lights. As a child I was facinated by mag-l1te, i loved the smooth quality machining, the simplistic desgn, my father was into lights, as a pipe welder he relied heavily on a decent...