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    WTB: Oveready Boss Body

    ISO: 70 or 35 BOSS body. Preferably AL, but will entertain other materials.
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    Water Intrusion and Sealing Issues with Haiku

    Has anyone had issues with water getting in their Haikus from the switch end? I realize McGizmos are not submersible but even a dip in the sink or a toothbrush bath results in a bit of water under my switch boot on top of the McClicky. O-ring is intact with no visible damage as is the boot...
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    Flashaholics in North East Tennessee!?!?!

    Hello! Fellow Flashaholics!!! I am curious as to how many of us there are in the Tri-Cities Area of Tennessee/Virginia. :anyone: Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol! :twothumbs: I'd be interested in helping setup some sort of get together :grouphug: to talk about lights, grab beer, or...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Ti "Fatty" EX10

    Looking for a Ti Fatty EX10 made by kuku! Does not have to be mint or have a LE installed. I can move my own EX10 guts. Thanks! RTRYLAND
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    Sold/Expired WTB Ti Kuku D10 Body/Piston!!!

    Looking for a KuKu D10 Titanium Body/Piston with Trit insert. I am willing accept just the body kit and will move my own driver/springs etc. However, wouldn't mind a completed light Q5 or R2 emitter either is fine. Email at ryland(dot)thomas (at) gmail(dot)com or drop me a PM... Thanks and...