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  1. jcw122

    *** The First FOURSEVENS Announcement of 2018

    I'm a bit confused. If Jason only purchased the brand and not the company, isn't FourSevens still liable for our warranties? If not, why? I'm honestly interested.
  2. jcw122

    Sold/Expired Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 - No Longer Available

    Re: Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 Bump?
  3. jcw122

    Sold/Expired Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 - No Longer Available

    Re: Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 Price drop to $42 from $50.
  4. jcw122

    Sold/Expired Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 - No Longer Available

    Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 Hi all, For sale is my Surefire 6P, with a Nailbender XP-G R4 (4000k, 360? lumens, 3 modes) drop in. US-based, willing to ship internationally at extra cost as long as it is legal for extra cost The Surefire comes an aftermarket Solarforce forward clicky...
  5. jcw122

    Hello? FourSevens Are You Out There?

    Can someone summarize for me what's going on with Foursevens? I saw their products have been out of stock for a few months now so I got worried, and I don't really wanna read through 5 pages here. Thanks.
  6. jcw122

    Golfcart Light Bar Project - Looking for help

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to build a custom light bar with 3-4 LED lights for the top of a gas powered golf cart. I envision something that looks similar to a Jeep light bar. This would be the first homemade light project I've ever done, so I dont know where to go for hardware, LEDs...
  7. jcw122

    Foursevens MMX Burst (XM-L2, 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR) review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS +

    Thanks for the review, just bought the black Friday special for $60!!!!
  8. jcw122

    Reply from Zebralight over anodizing quality issues

    The drama around ZL never ends hahaha
  9. jcw122

    Warm White Headlamps

    Sorry forgot to mention when I say warm white I meant any non-cool white light.
  10. jcw122

    Warm White Headlamps

    That being said there are benefits to warm white lights that I believe outweigh the efficiency losses. The biggest issue I run into is that lots of light makers don't have warm white versions, especially for high output lights.
  11. jcw122

    Warm White Headlamps

    Warm white lights are less efficient than cool white because they require extra phosphorous on the LED to get the desired tint. This leads to a reduction in output that is noticeable on paper but might not be significant in real world use.
  12. jcw122

    New Black Diamond Storm 2014

    According to Joe Penacoli (Black Diamond Customer Service), the Storm is regulated just like the prior year's model. Just emailed them to find out.
  13. jcw122

    Skilhunt H02 Headlamp

    Loses half it's output after 15 mins?
  14. jcw122

    New Black Diamond Storm 2014

    Anyone know if it's feasible to replace the main LED in this light with something warm?
  15. jcw122

    PF20! Flashaholic Get Together: NJ, NY, PA, CT Area +

    I'm looking to meet up for PF21, as my first meetup, looking forward to it!
  16. jcw122

    New Foursevens Burst Mode Lights

    Yeah I hate their new naming was part of their rebrand to appear as a higher end brand (kind of like how high end cars have indiscernible letter-number names).
  17. jcw122

    New Foursevens Burst Mode Lights

    Who else got the e-mail from Foursevens that appears to have been intended for Dealers/Distributors?
  18. jcw122

    UPDATE# 2 - w/photos: Foursevens Mini-ML & QTLC

    Re: Sent my Foursevens Quark Tactical back The whine is normal, my older AA^2 does that, and I think I asked around and it's normal. It doesn't happen all the time and it's hard to notice on anything except Turbo.
  19. jcw122

    Swapping 4Sevens Pro/Tactical tailcaps

    There's a few Youtube videos about the UIs that could be useful. Honestly, if it's your first light you might find that most of the time you'll only be using 2 different modes regularly.