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  1. PapaLumen

    Sold/Expired WTB: Maxflex 5A driver (taskled)

    George no longer makes these. Does anyone have one spare that they care to part with? I'm in UK but postage shouldn't cost much. Please let me know what you want for it. Thanks.
  2. PapaLumen

    Anyone know anything about Lumintop 14500 battery?

    The one in this package, can be recharged with micro usb - Any good at all or should I be looking at different 14500's? Also can this one be charged the normal way in a charger instead of using its onboard usb charger? Many thanks for any info...
  3. PapaLumen

    Where to get 10180's?

    Having a hard time finding 10180 batteries. I'm in UK, the only ones I could find were one listing on ebay, coming from china, postage estimate end of april! I bought a couple anyway as they are cheap. They are just the blue ones. I can't find them at the usual suspects - banggood, gearbest...
  4. PapaLumen

    Sold/Expired WTB: ZWB2 filter for Convoy s2+UV light

    Anybody have a spare one of these please? Cant find any from sources people used to use/group buys etc. Just let me know what you want for it, Im in UK but it's pretty small so postage shouldn't cost much. Many thanks. p.s. if anyone knows where I can get one (china etc) please let me know.
  5. PapaLumen

    Driver for 6x XPG in series?

    So i have a couple of bike lights that each use 6x xpg2 in series, running from a maxflex driver with a 4s (14.8v, 16.8v fully charged) battery. They have been working fine for years but seems one of the maxflexes has died. It seems George at taskled doesn't make them any more! What could i...
  6. PapaLumen

    Where are all the posts?

    In particular the latest competition you had running on cpfmp.? Is it all gone?
  7. PapaLumen

    Anyone with quadcopter/drone put LED's on it?

    Just got a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter ( ). It has identification leds built into it but im looking at adding a headlight. I have an old p7 led and will power it direct drive from 1x 18650. Just looking for mounting and cooling ideas, weight is very important...
  8. PapaLumen

    Anyone know of smooth reflector for magicshine?

    Original magicshine (mj808) replaced p7 with an XM-L2 looking for a smooth reflector for it. All these clones seem to come with smooth, do they fit the original magicshines? Any pointers as to which one i need, there are hundreds of reflectors on fasttech/DX. Thanks for any help.
  9. PapaLumen

    Hobby charger with pc datalogging

    I have an accucel 6 already but it doesn't connect to pc (easily, I know it CAN be done). Looking for something with datalogging. Hopefully cheaper than the icharger 106B+. Anyone know of anything? And what software is needed for the pc? Thanks.
  10. PapaLumen

    XM-L2 U3 bin available...

    Not sure if this was posted before but just noticed today. Cutter has them - Remember these are XM-L2 U3 not XM-L U3. Cant find a cree datasheet with it on but i guess a 7% increase over the U2 if similar to usual bin increases. They have...
  11. PapaLumen

    Any GU10 Led recommendations?

    Looking to replace a load of 50w halogen gu10 bulbs. Looking at chinese cheapies. There's loads on DX, anyone tried any of them? Thanks.
  12. PapaLumen

    Cree XP-E2 now at cutters...

    Just got a mail from them today -
  13. PapaLumen

    Anyone tried Efest 3400mah 18650's?

    Just noticed these today at very reasonable prices... They supposedly use the panasonic NCR18650B cells. I thought I saw a thread about them earlier but can't seem to find it now? They are tested on another site but the charts look a bit odd, good capacity but the voltage seems to drop very...
  14. PapaLumen

    Hurricane Isaac !!

    Been watching the progress of this storm, Hope everyone in areas that might get hit have left or battened down the hatches. Looks like a bad one. They had a dude on the news buying batteries for his flashlight, hopefully not a problem for most of you ;) Good luck, I hope it decides to fizzle...
  15. PapaLumen

    Solarforce L2X clone...

    DX sku:117304 This is identical looking to solarforce L2X, comes with a Q5 drop-in and is cheaper... actual same host i wonder?
  16. PapaLumen

    Any sources for 38mm Aspheric lens please...

    Want to try an XM-L with aspheric in an old magicshine bike light to use as a head light but cant find any that size :( Thanks for any pointers.
  17. PapaLumen

    Any suggestions for AC/DC driver for this Bridgelux array please. I was looking at this - Or this -...
  18. PapaLumen

    Upgrading magicshine with XM-L question..

    Hi, im looking to replace my magicshine p7's with XM-L's. I realise the xm-l needs a spacer underneath its star to bring it forward a bit. What are people using for this spacer? A blank star? If so any pointers to which one. I'll be getting the xm-l's on 20mm stars from cutter. Having some...
  19. PapaLumen

    New to eneloops, please advise on conditioning with accucel

    Hi, just got some loops - (HR-3UTGA) which came with sanyo charger MQR06W. I dont have a Maha c9000 and i wont be getting one right now but i do have a hobby charger - accucel 6. Can i condition, break-in, refresh or whatever with it? The loops are brand new, what should i do to them to...
  20. PapaLumen

    Does anyone know Fenix TK11 lens size?

    Want to order a friend a ucl lens for his TK11. Does anyone know what size i need please? Thanks in advance.